Roid Technologies launches AppBrowzer – Mobile App Store for Instant Apps.

BANGALORE, INDIA – 27 Jun, 2017 – Bangalore-based startup company Roid Technologies Private Limited has built a mobile instant app store called AppBrowzer.  It is a mobile app store that helps users, search, discover and use various instant apps. As the name suggests, all the apps listed in AppBrowzer can be used without any download or installation. With the help of angel investors led by full-time investor Deepak Gurnani, the company has so far raised $500,000 in seed funding.

AppBrowzer App solves the fundamental download problem with existing apps. With too many apps: users lack enough space and memory on their devices to download and install all the apps they would like to use. It also aims to reduces the big friction between businesses and customers as businesses do not have to force their users to download the application by having Instant Apps.

The company has already launched its business-to-consumer app, offering instant access to about 200 popular apps. Currently the AppBrowzer App Store is a mix of PWA’s and Instant Native Apps built using AppBrowzer developer platform. Having secured the initial seed funding, Sunny Gurnani now has plans to launch developer and business-to-business platforms. These will allow businesses to develop and host their own instant apps and offer them to users.

AppBrowzer is currently making revenues from its Instant App Store through transactions, clicks, sponsored apps. Moving further, the revenue generated from apps built, developed, and hosted on AppBrowzer will become the main revenue stream. The company’s long-term goal for AppBrowzer is that it will earn money through transactions occurring on the platform, similar to Apple and Google Play.

The app has already received favorable reviews praising its functionality and interface. It may serve as a welcome alternative to the app stores provided by Apple and Google which require download and installation of apps. It may also make the process of app development less expensive and easier.

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