Changes and Significance of Diamine Oxidase and Enteral Fatty Acid Binding Protein in Neonates with Asphyxia

Neonatal asphyxia can lead to hypoxia in the whole body. Then we need to ensure blood suppl and blood flow redistribution in vital organs, like heart, brain and kidney. Gastrointestinal tract in hypoxia and ischemic state can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction. Severe asphyxia neonatal complicated with gastrointestinal dysfunction is higher in incidence, and the more severe asphyxia, gastrointestinal dysfunction is more important.

The diamine oxidase (DAO) and the intestinal tract fatty acid binding protein (I-FABP) are used to reflect the sensitivity of gastrointestinal dysfunction and specific indexes, which is proved in a large number of animals and clinical trials.

The levels of DAO and I-FABP in children with mild hypothermia and conventional treatment are higher than those in normal neonates before treatment. There is no significant difference between the two groups (P> 0.05), suggesting that gastrointestinal function is effected after ischemia and hypoxia (P <0.05). After treatment, the levels of DAO and I-FABP are lower than those before treatment, but the difference is significant in the mild hypothermia group (P <0.05). After treatment, to compare the routine treatment group and the control group (P <0.05), there is no significant difference between the mild hypothermia treatment group and the control group (P> 0.05), suggesting that mild hypothermia treatment is significantly higher than that in the control group (P <0.05), and the levels of DAO and I-FABP are still higher than those of the control group to some extent, which is conducive to the recovery of gastrointestinal function.

Mild hypothermia treatment is conducive to asphyxia neonatal gastrointestinal mucosa recovery, and can reduce the damage caused by ischemia and hypoxia, combined with clinical gastrointestinal dysfunction score, while by detecting DAO and I-FABP levels for mild hypothermia treatment of the stomach to provide the basis of hematological indicators. But the current mild hypothermia treatment in gastrointestinal injury research is still in its infancy. The mechanism is not yet clear, and is to be further large sample of various studies.

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