The location based service Meeof offers a social network platform for the neighborhood

Meeof is the newly launched location based service and mobile application that may revolutionize the way people become social within their neighborhood. Unlike the other major social media platforms/apps that connect people across the world online, this app is aimed to connect people living nearby so that they can instantly plan to hangout, play games, or organize an event together. By allowing the user to interact with people, find interesting events and places within their proximity, the app will bring the community closer than ever.

To use the app, the user can feed their interests into the app along with the acceptable distance after which they can receive relevant updates. The app features built-in messaging option and several other features to provide a seamless and interactive social network experience to the users.To initiate a new meeting, the user can create an event in the app and post it to the community. The users can find people with similar interest and within their acceptable distance, to meet and hangout. The app also allows the users to post updates under the proximity area and discover the latest events and happenings in their area.

Meeof is a brand new way to experience the neighborhood differently. The app has the potential to bring together people with similar interests living around each other, which otherwise may not have been possible with the increasing individualism in the society. It’s a remarkable way to make new friends within the neighborhood. The user can also create events such as a birthday celebration, gaming session, promotional event, sports activity, casual get together, walkabout and others to invite the nearby community members.  They can target 3 different audiences for their event and decide if the event is to be kept private or public.  Moreover, the app allows the users to invite people through email too which means they don’t necessarily need to join the app to respond to their request.

Meeof is currently launching in Singapore but the service is available worldwide. The app is developed by Tommy Gotfredsen, a tech enthusiast having more than 12 years of experience in technology. He has launched this app with an aim to provide a digital voice to the people as they move through their neighborhood and be more social. The user can update their GPS location as they move around to see the happenings in their neighborhood.  The app will soon be available online for download. 

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