FLiFLi AirDrop Device Redefines How Drones Can Be Used As It Creates New Possibilities And Adventure

New York, USA – 27 June, 2017 – FliFLi proudly announce the availability of their fast selling drone device, FliFli AirDrop. FliFLi Airdrop FAD-1000 is a portable drop equipment attachable to DJI Phanton 3/4. The drone is created to help produce a redefining experience for drone lovers, helping them discover a paradigm.

FliFli AirDrop drone accessory is a top rated drone accessory that stands in a class of its own. The compact drone comes with a drone comes as the best dropping device in the market with a unique portable design, one-touch operation, wide spread wireless connection, and hassle-free installation.

The latest product from FliFli is a result of continuous research and commitment to excellence by the company’s team of designers whose goal is to reshape the drone market place. FliFLi Airdrop is presently making waves and beating other competitors due to its top class features and A-class functionality.

“We are glad to have finally released “Airdrop” into the market. Our drone, FLiFLi Airdrop accessory was developed by our team of designers who are driven with the passion to create a technology legacy. The drone has received glowing reviews and remarks from buyers and tech geeks” Says the Head OF Marketing, FLiFli.

FLiFLi drone dropping tool comes with a remote control and a mounting kit that can help it for mounting to a drone. Moreover, the range and efficiency is highly effective however it can only carry a designated amount of weight as overloading might disrupt flying capabilities of the drone. Now available on Amazon, it is already creating a major buzz and is being offered on discounted rates.

FliFLi AirDrop can be used for various activities, which includes aerial survey, drone fishing, delivery and other fun parts. The drone is a great accessory for any adventure. It comes handy and perfect to capture each moment from the heights and explore to the fullest.

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