Creative Biolabs Released a Comprehensive List of Blocking Antibodies

Creative Biolabs released a comprehensive list of blocking antibodies.

As a provider of recombinant antibody (rAb) discovery and manufacture, Creative Biolabs developed a wide range of specific blocking antibody products to help researchers.

Creative Biolabs is a biotech products and services provider located in New York. It has years of experience in various antibody products and services. It has been working for a large number of clients from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories all over the world.

Blocking antibody is increasingly crucial in a variety of clinical and experimental uses. It is a specific type of antibody, producing no visible reaction with the antigen when combines with it, while blocking anything else from reacting with its antigen. 

Blocking antibody is useful in clinical research, as a blocking antibody can prevent a harmful substance from binding to the cell. For example, in treating allergic disorders, patients can be treated with IgG blocking antibodies that can bind to the allergen, so that the allergen cannot bind to cell-fixed IgE and trigger allergic response. This treatment can reduce immediate hypersensitivity and induce partial immunologic tolerance. Besides clinical use, blocking antibody can also be used in research, including preventing agglutination in serologic tests. 

“We test every blocking antibody to ensure that our block antibodies have appropriate cellular function”, said Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs. “We also test its specificity based on the latest research data to ensure our products’ high specificity.” 

About Creative Biolabs 

Creative Biolabs is a provider of therapeutic antibodies discovery and manufacturing, providing high quality service to researchers in academia and industry fields all over the world. Its products includes antibody/peptide libraries, biosimilar cell lines, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) products, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), therapeutic antibodies, bispecific antibodies, intrabodies, etc. 

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