The Moonling: An Inspiring Children’s Picture Storybook launches Indiegogo Campaign!

With a Mission to Inspire Children Worldwide, The Moonling is an Earth Friendly Storybook like No Other!

The Moonling is an inspiring children’s picture storybook for all those children who will inherit earth when they come of age. With a goal to make children love earth and contribute in making this planet a better place to live, the book is now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo and is welcoming parents and teachers from around the world to back it.

The Moonling is a story of a little stone creature from moon called Moonling who spends years looking down towards earth. Then, in 1969 when the first man lands on the moon, he seizes this opportunity and hides in their spacecraft to get to earth where he meets Karl, a 10 year old boy.

In a nutshell, Moonling realizes that the earth looked beautiful from the moon but inside, it is subjected to mankind’s violence and wrath. The book is particularly designed for the children of ages 5-9 but people from any age group can equally enjoy this read.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges with rewards. From $5 to $100, supporters from around the world can back this project and get their copy of this book and much more.

About The Moonling

The Moonling is an inspiring storybook for children like no other. The aim of this book is to make children love the planet earth and do not take it for granted when they grow older. The book promotes messages of peace, love, care, environmental friendliness and much more. It now seeking generous support on Indiegogo and the creators are welcoming everyone for support.

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