Students Flock in as Classrr Takes Learning to the Next Level

Online Classroom Marketplace Link Teachers and Students

Classrr, an online classroom marketplace, is revolutionizing classroom learning.  More people than ever are turning to the internet to locate available classes, a fact that is embraced by Classrr.  The site that allows users to find teacher services and for teachers to connect with students is a concept that is quickly catching on as the company is experiencing growth.

“As education is evolving, so are we,” stated a Classrr representative.  “Modern times are trending a change in how people are choosing to be educated.  Even the subjects they are choosing are changing.  Classrr is simply making it easier for students and teachers to do what is already trending.  Teachers can publish their class and it will run the entire year.  Up to 6 students can be taken each schedule.  Students can pick the classes and prices that work best for them.  While it used to be that personalized learning was limited to expensive 1-on-1 classes, now, with our system, students can still have personalized attention by way of a small class but no longer have to pay high dollar prices as up to 6 students are sharing the financial load.  For the teachers, they are able to do for six students what they used to could only provide for one so it is beneficial financially and timewise.”

Classrr is a peer-to-peer education marketplace.  Entrepreneurial endeavors by teachers are displayed so that students can take advantage of the classes and can easily see where they will be held.  Before Classrr, prospective students had to scour the internet looking for classes and were in danger of fraud, computer malware and viruses and even worse.  Classrr has a great reputation of being trustworthy and for networking with excellent teachers.

“We are thrilled to present our site to the public because it offers a practical, safe and viable solution to both teachers and students,” a company spokesperson expounded.

Statistics show that education is lagging behind other industries.  Pop-ups are seen in eating establishments, massage parlors and even dog grooming.  Classrooms have not had that luxury.  But Classrr has changed that. 

The innovative idea is catching on like a storm.  Students find teachers and teachers find students.  In addition, those who are flocking to the site have expressed the fact that they like the wide variety of classes available and the convenience of finding what is available in their area and in other areas as well.

“I am very impressed with the entire concept and with the customer service available as well,” commented one recent site user.

To find out more about Classrr, to find teachers and classes in your area or to inquire about teaching, visit the Classrr website.

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