Fifth Fret Music Academy Offers Music Courses in New York

New York, NY – The New York music academy, Fifth Fret, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for the performance-focused music lessons program it offers its students. Fifth Fret Reviews by current and former students and parents have praised the program for its quality teaching practices headed by experienced instructors, as well as the variety of instrument lessons it offers as Long Island’s #1 choice for music lessons.

Finding affordable music lessons in an academy setting can be difficult, particularly in the New York area where the arts cultivate a rich, creative playground for individuals of all ages. In addition, it can also be a trial to find quality instructors that are available to teach both children and adults the basics of even the most popularly-learned musical instruments. Learning an instrument requires commitment and passion, but having a qualified, friendly instructor willing to work with individuals at a pace that both challenges and understands individual pacing needs can also be an essential component of the learning process.

Fifth Fret Music Academy offers music lessons for a variety of instruments through a program that is performance-based, meaning students will be able to learn their desired instrument and be ready to perform in no time. Providing lessons that are convenient and affordable, the academy possesses a staff of qualified instructors with educational backgrounds from various prestigious institutions, including Berklee College of Music and NYU.

The Music Courses the academy offers include those for the piano, guitar, drums, voice, bass, orchestra, and band. In addition, the instructors are able to teach students a wide selection of styles, from rock, jazz and the blues, to classical styles as well. All offered in in one convenient location, the academy works to be able to create a lesson schedule that can fit within the busiest of lifestyles.

“When I was searching for Music Courses Reviews in the area, I stumbled onto the Fifth Fret Music Academy website and immediately knew this place was what I was looking for,” one adult student says. “It’s been such an amazing opportunity to learn an instrument from the instructors here. They’re always friendly and really good at what they do.”

Providing lessons for musical instruments in a warm educational setting, Fifth Fret Music Academy provides a variety of music lessons taught by qualified instructors for both children and adults. Aiming to provide lessons that are convenient and affordable for all those interested in entering their music program, the academy works with individuals to have them playing their desired instrument comfortably and confidently in no time.

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