Fitness Coach Erin Addesso Wants to Change the World One Week at a Time

Expert trainer Erin Addesso helps clients find their inner athlete 1 week at a time.
Certified Health, Fitness and Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer Erin Addesso is bringing decades of experience as a trainer and expert rated Life Coach to her new book, Screw the BS, Ignite your Impact —How to stop making excuses, be a world changer and Live a kick butt life instead. The book will be available mid-July.

By: Zoey Thompson

Denver, Colorado – Erin Addesso is a true Renaissance Woman, a polymath who has taken her motto of “mind first matter next” and put it to work as an athlete, business woman, and now author. Erin has spent years developing fitness programs for athletes trying to recover their health and abilities, as well as, those who would like to achieve a new level of health they have yet to experience. As both an ISSA certified Fitness Trainer and certified Breast Cancer Recovery trainer she has helped countless women and men achieve their fitness goals, but it wasn’t enough for Erin.  She wanted to change the world.

“I was always interested in helping others,” Erin explained. “My Fit Coach Erin programs have been about building healthy bodies. I work with people recovering from surgery — or even divorce — achieve their goals mentally and physically.  It’s important to me personally to make a difference.  I have a duty to leave a legacy that is remembered.  I’ve been inspired by movies like ‘Pay It Forward’ that have an optimistic view of how little we all need to do to change the world.”

That viewpoint was the inspiration for her book, Screw the BS, Ignite your Impact — How to stop making excuses, be a world changer and Live a kick-butt life instead.  As an expert rated Certified Life Coach and Professional Speaker, Erin has tried to imbue the belief in all her clients and audiences that they have the power to shape not just their own lives, but the world around them. The book encourages people and asks for their pledge to impact one person a week for 52 weeks.

“Helping others really is helping ourselves, it’s what we are made for,   it’s our responsibility” says Erin. “When I see that I’ve made an impact on someone’s life I feel amazing,   It makes me happy and motivates me to keep going and always bring my very best to the world.  I want everyone to have that feeling and then pass it along to as many others as possible.  Positive mindset combined with taking action is the path to your highest performance and success.”

High performance and success is what Erin delivers in her online personal coaching and speaking business. Each week she sends her clients nutrition plans, provides weekly motivational calls, and private forums to discuss what’s going on in their fitness, mental health and life path. She offers private one-on-one coaching online via video sessions to those who require additional help, and has developed a list of online programs to help people get results fast:

• Find Your Inner Athlete, and be the person you were meant to be

• Sugar Fixed – 12 Weeks to Freedom

• Own Your Mindset

• Rockstar Weightloss

• Fit for the Holidays

All of the programs can be found through her website (

Erin believes that physical health plus a positive mindset equals thriving lives, relationships, and careers. Her entire operation is focused on providing others with the mindset and the tools they need to change their own lives and live their best life now.

“I’ve had weight struggles, injury struggles, personal mental struggles,” she says, “but I learned the secret to getting past them and it starts here, In our minds, and how we choose to see ourselves and love ourselves first.”

The book will be available mid-July on Amazon.

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