Mid-Year Event for the Tourism, 2017 Chinese Tourism Events•Kanas, Glorious Setoff of the Belt and Road

In the view of travel enthusiasts, Kanas in Xinjiang, is the Pure Land that they must head for in the lifetime. In Mongolian, Kanas means “beautiful and mysterious”. In June, the magnificent event for the tourism – 2017 Chinese Tourism Events • Kanas, is unveiled in the best season in the paradise on earth, Kanas.

The event is launched by Ctrip and Kanas hand in hand to deliver the regular activities including tourism summit and travel carnival to the public. During the three-day event from June 18 to 20, the leaders of the Tourism Development Committee of autonomous region work with the celebrities in the tourist industry, a number of domestic travel agencies, media, local government, leaders of scenic area, Ctrip, eLong, Ctrip Bestone, as well as the senior executives of Ctrip and relevant person to celebrate the grand event for Chinese tourism. The activities include the Summit Forum “New Silk Road, New Tourism” and Star Summer Camp “Introduce the Class to Kanas” on June 18, and Kanas Tourism Carnival and Kanas Bonfire Party on June 19, presenting a series of first-class events and giving the surprise and joy to everyone.

The Belt and Road Results in New Impetus for Tourism Development

Summit Forum “New Silk Road, New Tourism” — See the New Opportunity that the Belt and Road Brings to Xinjiang Tourism from Kanas

Todays’ China has ushered in an era that tourism is accessible for the public. In the context that the national strategy, the Belt and Road, is unfolded, Xinjiang embraces a new impetus for the development of tourism. In the afternoon of June 18, 2017, Summit Forum “New Silk Road, New Tourism” witnesses the grand opening at Kanas Tourist Distribution Centre. The forum invites the Guli AbuLimu, party member and deputy director of Tourism Development Committee of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Shabiti Hazaizi, deputy commissioner of Administrative Office of Altay, and Han Baohong, director of Management Committee of Kanas Scenic Area, as well as the experts and scholars in tourism industry, to see the new opportunity that the Belt and Road brings to Xinjiang tourism from Kanas.

Xinjiang possesses a pivotal position in the strategy of the Belt and Road. In regard to the question that how to sieve the golden opportunity that the Belt and Road brings to the tourism industry, the leaders and experts actively express their views and are engaged in the discussion. To develop tourism is a good opportunity that may connect the people. Kanas enjoys a reputation of destination and influence in China, and moreover, it is a business card for tourism in Xinjiang. With the help of this event, we will strive to enhance the influence of Xinjiang tourism and Kanas tourism, and establish unique geographical advantages, the open and cooperative pioneering advantages, and professional advantages of services, which serves as an example for and promotes the tourism markets in the regions along the Belt and Road.

In the Summit Forum, Kanas and Ctrip, as well as other tourism enterprises, signs a strategic cooperation agreement which will be used to turn Kanas into a non-duplicated and unparalleled business card for Xinjiang tourism through the system construction that will standardize the tourism so as to attract more people to explore the fascinating scenery in Kanas.


Kanas Travel Carnival

Strong Cooperation to Build a New Business Card for Tourism in Xinjiang

In the event in Kanas that welcomes everyone, Kanas Travel Carnival, held in Star Camp in Hemu Scenic Area on June 19, 2017, pushes the event to a new high. The viewers can perceive the enthusiasm and hospitality of kanas from the singing and dancing with strong ethnic flavor. In this vast land, the locals like to use song and dance to express their joy and love of life. The vibrant mood also affects all the guests at the scene. They share the feelings about this trip in Kanas, sending the overflowing expectation and blessing to Kanas and Xinjiang tourism.


At the scene of carnival, in order to continuously enrich the tourism products of Kanas and expand the market share, Kanas Scenic Area joins hands with Ctrip Customized Tour to release the products centered on Kanas. The product launch has emphasis on the scale and the depth, which, according to the status quo of the tourism industry, extends the connotation of the product and presents the destination in a diversified, three-dimensional manner to all. By taking advantage of resources of Ctrip including data, platforms and products, Ctrip works with Kanas to jointly enhance the quality of tourism products of destination, deepen the supply-side product reform, make products more perfectly match with the user need through the in-depth customization, and allow the visitors to experience the paradise-like scenery of Kanas.

This carnival not only has the singing, dancing and beautiful scenery of Kanas, but also invites the celebrities in tourism industry and on-site guests to share their experience and feelings of traveling in Xinjiang. They visit Xinjiang on foot, or by car, or by joining in the tourist groups. Perhaps the scenery in their trips is different, but the shock that they feel is same. They say that when walking in Xinjiang, it is impossible to not be shocked by the beautiful scenery and the charm of culture in front of you. Lake, plateau, forest, mountain and desert, all this together constitute the mysterious and unique beauty of Xinjiang which you can find nowhere in the country. You will encounter many unexpected surprises in Xinjiang. You can find the true meaning of travel in Xinjiang.


Joyful Hemu

Bonfire Party at Hemu Star Camp and Star Summer Camp “Introduce the Class to Kanas”

When the night falls, the bonfire at the Hemu Star Camp illuminates the sky. On June 19, 2017, Hemu Bonfire Party cheers everyone up. Everyone participates in the singing and dancing joyously. Hemu Bonfire Party, as the regular product of Hemu Scenic Area in summer, is held in a fixed time every night, with professional venue, professional performance team and professional delicious food. You can eat, live, shop and have entertainment in Kanas and in Hemu.

During the period from July to August in 2017, Kanas Hemu Star Camp will successively carry out the activities of Star Summer Camp “Introduce the Class to Kanas”. In the Hemu Star Camp, welcomed by the bright sunshine and the vast grasslands every day, children and parents will enjoy a pleasant interaction, learn the traditional culture, exercise the professional skills and appreciate the endless sky at night, which enables the children to truly feel the infinite magic of nature, and combines the “travel” and “study” together. Family can visit the famous attractions such as Grassland Stoneman Scenic Area, Hemu Scenic Area, Kanas Fairy Bay, Kanas Lake, Moon Bay and Wolong Bay, find the charm of exotic culture, and view the great mountains and rivers of the motherland, broadening the field of vision and mind.

The three-day event comes to an end in the midst of beautiful scenery of Hemu Scenic Area. Everyone reaps a fulfilling, rewarding and unforgettable travel experience. We have a deeper understanding and insight on Kanas. We have the most unswerving passion and expectation for Xinjiang.

For all people engaged in the Xinjiang tourism industry, the Belt and Road will lead us to integrate the advantages and bring new opportunity for the promotion and development of tourism in Xinjiang, with a view to push forward the charm and glory of new Silk Road.

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