Introducing Scenarios, The Perfect Discussion Card Game For Any Party

These days, the decisions and situations that the common man is faced with can get just a bit too dry. Here to resolve this monotony is an up and coming card game by the name of Scenarios, giving players the opportunity to experience outlandish scenarios.

In the modern world, everyone is faced with a remarkable number of small decisions to make throughout their day. People go about wondering if they should call a friend for lunch, spend an extra couple dollars supporting a new cause, or even deciding whether or not to post another photo on social media. However, these small, rather unimportant decisions can become a bit boring for the common man. Today a brand new card game named Scenarios is here to present players with a variety of unique and unexplored scenarios to pick from. By bringing new conversations and topics to light, the game makes itself perfect for family gatherings and parties alike.

The game itself revolves around three decks of cards: the scenarios deck, the items/abilities deck, and the professions deck. As the game begins, the group of players selects one person to be Scenario Master. The rest of the players draw two cards, one from the professions deck and one from the items/abilities deck. The Scenario Master then draws a scenario card and reads it to the rest of the players. From there the players explain to the Scenario Master why their profession and item or ability makes them the most fit to tackle this scenario. In the end, the Scenario Master picks the player whose argument makes the most sense or is the most entertaining and awards them a point. The first player to reach three points wins the game and receives the ultimate reward of massive bragging rights.

As an added benefit, the game includes a variety of different game modes including Would You Rather, Survival of the Fittest, and more. These modes are played with the same cards with scenarios like “captured by pirates and forced to walk the plank” or professions like “convicted criminal.” Additionally, the team behind Scenarios already has a plethora of expansion packs planned, keeping the game fresh with every playthrough.

However, to mass produce and ship Scenarios, the Scenarios team needs help. To remedy this issue, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, readers can show their support by pre-ordering the game alongside other merchandise like t-shirts and log books. With this support, the Scenarios team is excited to bring family-friendly fun to households everywhere through zany scenarios and outlandish conversation. 


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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