Wartune Patch 7.0 Releases New Updates

Wartune’s new patch 7.0 is here now! The new patch not only adds new features to Wartune but also improves the base game to bring a better game experience to all of its players. Join the adventure with your friends and enjoy the new patch!

New adventures and challenges are waiting for you in the patch 7.0. Play Wartune and join arms with your friends, you will need it if you want to defeat the new enemies.

Wartune Patch 7.0 Releases New Updates

New Features in Version 7.0

In Patch 7.0, Wartune has released two new systems: Willpower and Eudaemon Signet. Also, lots of new dungeons, mounts, costumes and events are waiting to be discovered! As a lord in Wartune, some of the new features will be challenging even for the most experienced players and others are focused in helping you advance in your adventure.


The Eudaemons found a brand new way of becoming stronger: Willpower. Players can select the required Eudaemons and synthesize them into Willpower. Choose your Eudaemons wisely and use Willpower to become stronger!

To fight against the darkness in the Endless Abyss, four brave Eudaemons chose to detach themselves from their masters with the strength of their Willpower. These Eudaemons disappeared long ago, but their Willpower still exists in our world and now you can use it to be unstoppable.

Eudaemon Signet

Eudaemon synthesis materials are very rare in the world of Warutne, but with the Eudaemon Signet feature you will have a chance to obtain Eudaemon synthesis materials easily! During this funny Eudaemon synthesis, players could get much more Eudaemon synthesis materials than he could expect!

Enter Eudaemon Signet and battle to find the way to activate all the ancient Signets. Try your best to see how many ancient Signets you could activate! The more Signets you activate, the more materials you could obtain!

Other Updates

After Eudaemons advance to Willpowers, they will discover a new challenge – Endless Abyss. An immensely powerful BOSS can be found there. Shall you try your luck in this place? And in the changeable Wartune world, the land is changing again in patch 7.0 and with it the Dimensional War is getting revamped!

In Wartune Patch 7.0, Lords will find out two new dungeons Endless Abyss and Dimensional War have appear in the world of Wartune. Get ready to test your skills in the Endless Abyss and discover the new lands of the Dimensional War!

You can find more information about the new version on Wartune Official Website or Wartune’s Facebook fan page.

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wartune/

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About Wartune

Wartune is a thrilling RPG + Strategic browser game, which received the Facebook Staff Favorite award in 2013 and the Facebook Top Asian Game award in 2014 and has a pretty large fanbase worldwide. Players can choose from three different classes for their characters, hire and obtain new units, change their formation and create strategies to fight against different enemies.

Summoning legendary warriors and creatures is also another key feature of the game. The battles have a deep strategy system that will need players to customize their armies. They will also have the opportunity to possess their own city and fight to protect it thanks to the PvP and PvE features. Player versus players is probably one of the most popular features of Wartune.

Players can compete with any player from around the world or join forces to defeat Bosses and other enemies. And all that combined with its amazing 3D rendered 2D graphics that are still one of the bests in the market.

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