Marketing intelligence tool Socialpeta launched Vungle as its new feature

By the end of this month, SocialPeta, world’s premier marketing intelligence platform, launched its new version and began to support video ads tracking on Vungle which helps establish a big digital map of mobile ads and related performances.

According to “2017 Global Mobile Game Market Report” released by a Dutch market research firm Newzoo, global revenue of game marketing will rise from 108.9 billion US dollars to 128.5 billion US dollars from 2017 to 2020. In the next five years. The proportion of mobile game market revenue in global gaming marketing total revenue will grow from 32% to 40% which means mobile game market has big potential and is going to grow rapidly.

Global mobile game market revenue in 2017 is expected to reach 46.1 billion US dollars, and apparently China will be the highest income country in this area. The overall revenue is expected to reach 27.5 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, this promising market will necessarily contribute to more efficient ads production and operation methods.

As a leading mobile video advertising platform, Vungle scientifically combine monetization needs and personalized user acquisition demands through data tech, develop high quality video ads to build an excellent advertising experience and minimize the destruction of ads to gaming experience.

To fullfill a picture of user portrait and a good ad creative platform, SocialPeta started to provide creative tracking on Vungle, to help user make more intelligent and efficient marketing strategies.

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SocialPeta is a leading marketing intelligence tool in China and one of products from Saas company ZingFront. SocialPeta releases ad creative, KOL intelligence and marketing cases, covers Facebook, YouTube and Twitter cross 40 countries.

With millions daily data of advertisers and performances, SoicalPeta creates an accurate and reliable picture of digital world to you!

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