New Online Language School Provides a Personalized Group Class and One-on-One Learning Experience

Speak and Say online language school provides students with a custom language learning experience
Speak And Say is a new online language school that provides a custom language learning experience. Students will engage online with native language speakers (many with master’s degrees), as well as, develop their written communication skills. The school launches in July of 2017.

By Zoey Thompson

New York, NY – The world has gotten smaller. Working remotely is now a trusted method of cutting costs and improving profit margins. Thanks to these improvements in technology, opportunities for work no longer are confined to the region that someone lives in; instead the world job market is open to anyone that can communicate effectively. Today’s generation of workers are only as limited as their language and communication skills. Sadly, Americans are lacking in language skills and are shut off from many opportunities because of it. Speak and Say helps enrich people’s lives with the introduction to a new language, as well as, add an important and marketable skill to their resumes. Their new online language school offers online courses in English, Spanish, and the Chinese languages.

“Our online classrooms are designed to not only give students the basics of grammar and vocabulary, but also the necessary personalized attention learning and speaking with a native language user truly cements the language skill through proper pronunciation,” says spokesperson Bryan Cohen.

The online school has everything that a physical school has to offer. There are downloadable documents, as well as, on screen learning activities, group lessons and exercises, as well as, one on one tutoring. Each class is an hour and prepares students for various types of use, from travel to work to daily life.

“We specifically grouped our courses into types so that we have objectives for the students,” says Cohen. “Some people want to learn enough to visit a country, others are trying to learn the language to work or immigrate.”

Cohen says that students are assessed before classroom recommendations are made. Their professors are all degreed and capable of not just conversational skills but instruction, so that students are given appropriate lesson plans to grow or enhance upon skills they have. Speak and Say offers classes in: Survival/Travel Language, General Knowledge (Beginner, Immediate, Advanced), Language for Business, Medical Language, TESOL/IELTs (English Only) and classes for children and teens.

Speak and Say is not only an attractive language learning option because of its convenience, but also pricing. Each class package contains averages $20 a class, and tutoring starts at $40. Each class meets 3 times a week over 12 weeks. Speak and Say launches with English, Spanish, and Chinese but hopes to eventually bring on more language opportunities as the company grows.

“Learning a new language opens people up to a whole new world of possibilities,” says Cohen. “Whether that means travel or business, being able to communicate with others in their native language has a profound impact. It is an acknowledgement that you respect their country and cultures enough to want to learn something vitally important about it.  When you speak to someone in their language, or even make the attempt you’re saying ‘I care.’ That’s what we’re offering.”

The school is open for sign ups and  launches on July 17th for classes, and more information can be found at

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