Cryptocurrencies are worth Serious Consideration by Investors, Advices Strahan McNeil Partners

New York, NY – Bitcoin, the trend setting crypto-currency, recently saw a downturn, making the financial world ponder over whether the anonymous, decentralized payment system was not a mere bubble. Buoyed up by tech savvy individuals, numerous other variants of bitcoins have recently emerged. Strahan McNeil Partners, a financial services firm, holds a positive outlook on the future of cryptocurrency as a popular, new age alternative to old money.

Bitcoin has recently slipped by as much as 35 percent, but it looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay and change the way the world pays for goods and services, or even makes an investment. Bitcoins have gained fame for being anonymous, outside the established financial system, finite, and completely private. It is also known to be friendly for Crowdfunding, P2P technology, and the digital economy.

“At Strahan McNeil Partners, we are always open to making new investment opportunities available to our clients. Cryptocurrencies hold promise as the currency for the digital millennium, and we are available to offer consultancy to investors and other parties interested in joining the future,” says Strahan McNeil.

Beginning with David Chaum who invented a secure algorithm, and Satoshi Nakamoto, who led the new currency into the public limelight, cryptocurrencies today come in several flavors. The latest are Ether, which recently climbed to a high price range, and DigitalNote, which even allows for interest to be accrued on a locked amount. With some major corporate players accepting cryptocurrency as payment, the digital payment system is slowly gaining in position as an acceptable, non-government controlled currency.

Strahan McNeil Partners is a New York headquartered finance firm which operates a global network of over 560 finance professionals redefining their traditional role as ‘financial technicians’. The firm offers specialized financial services that handles audits, restructuring, structured finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Focused on turning knowledge into value and advantage for its clients, Strahan McNeil Partners provides clients with wide ranging financial and accounting services that meet globally consistent norms.

Strahan McNeil Partners is today playing a new role in the capital markets, supporting positive reforms that would strengthen credibility and confidence. The firm actively takes up social responsibility, making it part of its central, working agenda so as to make a real difference to the communities it serves.

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