KickStarter Campaign: Young Female Entrepreneur From Europe, Alina Lewis, Sets Out To Conquer What Men Dislike Most

June 29, 2017 – New startup Men-Fitted announced today that is raising funds via a rewards/ equity crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to start and finish the development of their revolutionary men’s underwear. The innovative men’s underwear is being championed by a woman who has dedicated the past sixteen months to both understanding the untold stories of discomfort men face and how to create an out-of-the-box solution. 

Alina’s quest for conquering the MEN underwear market came when she learned from her male friends how much discomfort they feel with their best underwear. The company is set to raise $22,000 on Kickstarter to finish development and produce the first batch of their latest invention that is going to change the MEN underwear market. 

“The idea of Men-Fitted underwear came to light early 2016 while I was talking to some of my friends who were always complaining about their underwear. Then a question popped into my mind- “How cool and innovative would it be to finally design men’s underwear that is practical, eco-friendly, comfortable and solves all the problems of comfort?” Says Alina Lewis 

She says further, “After researching and surveys and not finding nothing like that, especially underwear that “has-it-all,” she realized that it’s about time to design underwear for men that has all the features men are searching for.” 

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Men-Fitted partnered with the finest producers, engineers, and craftsmen to bring the much celebrated premium underwear that satisfies every customer, regardless of body type, height, or daily activities. MEN-FITTED is manufactured and designed in the USA, partnering with professionals in the industry. 

Men-Fitted is a great innovation with simple, but elegant features that set it apart from the rest. Showing grave concern to the fabric used, Men-Fitted is made of high-quality fabric-Lyocell, a new age eco-friendly material made of wood cellulose. Lyocell is the best premium fiber for underwear. Lyocell is a complete innovation in all fabric materials. It’s a smooth, sustainable, breathable material that naturally reduces the growth of bacteria that causes odors.

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