Space Master: The Ultimate Travel Charger launches Indiegogo Campaign!

Space Master is a Compact Travel Charger with Endless Features including Wireless Charging and it is Now Seeking Community Support on Indiegogo!

Space Master is a travel charger of the future that not only saves 50% of the travel luggage space but also supports wireless charging and several other great features. Moreover, unlike most travel chargers, it continues to charge devices while it is being charged itself. The creators of this amazing project are now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone to back this project.

Following are some of the most amazing features of the Space Master travel charging solution:

  • It is highly compact and smaller than an iPhone

  • It saves tons of luggage space while travelling.

  • It supports wireless charging and has a separate wireless charging cell on board.

  • It can be charged while it charges the phone. (Recharge and discharge can occur at the same time)

  • It will be available worldwide.

  • Powerful battery.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several great pledges with amazing rewards. Supporters can back this project on Indiegogo from $3 to $480 with rewards ranging from Space Vacuum Bag to 10 Space Master Chargers alongside 10 space bags for $480.

About Space Master

Space Master is a travel charging solution of the future that is highly compact and greatly efficient. With powerful battery and features such as wireless charging enabled on board, this travel charger of the future has been designed by a company based in Hong Kong. It is now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo and it will be shipped worldwide.

Media Contact
Company Name: Jun Hong Intermational Holdings Limited.
Contact Person: Lai Yunwei
Phone: +886988183509
Address:8th Floor, Lane 6, Lane 22, Changqing Street
City: Xinbei City
State: Xinzhuang District
Country: Taiwan