Lintech Enterprises Limited deals in advanced audio visual security systems with the latest magnetic card dispenser

Lintech Enterprises Limited is a corporation that deals in security control part systems. Lukador is a subsidiary of the parent company Lintech Enterprises Limited and are engaged in the design and supply of card readers and related equipment.

The banking and financial sector is the area where safety and security of both the institution and their clientele is of utmost concern. The advent of techlogy and with that the invention of various automated and advanced security systems have helped in dealing with the issues systematically. China has some of the best manufacturers in the world that offer equipment to the market that meet their requirements accordingly.  By conducting in depth market research and incorporating advanced research and development in their products, Lintech Enterprises Limited access control parts is catering to a plethora of satisfied customers. Addressing to the queries of their customers with diligence and incorporating the feedback from the same in their products, has enabled them to establish a good rapport with their clients. The products and services they provide are all strictly checked for quality control.

The company has their own R&D team and a state of the art manufacturing unit in Duanggong city, that enabled them to come up with the latest magnetic card dispenser that is an ISO certified product. It comes equipped with three distinct functions that consists of reading and writing of magnetic/striped cards. The machine also comes with the functionality of dispensing cards on demand. The advanced reading and writing LASER head allows the machine to even detect worn out or severely scratched cards as well. The flexibility of this machine is that not only it can serve as a security system part, but also as a part in vending machines in the retail industry. They also incorporate the anti skim technology in all of their premium as well as mid-range magnetic card dispensers that allows extended safety and security levels to the user.


Their range of magnetic card collector machine is durable and reliable. The outer shell of the machine is made to resist tough environmental changes and operational conditions. The servo motors used as a part in the machines are of high quality standards and due to this factor the card entry and exit of the same takes place within a second or two. This ensures that not more than a few machines are to be installed at a particular point in the institution.

Applications for the magnetic card dispenser machine are used in the sutomaed vending machines, parking lot management systems, automated bank teller machines and subway card issuing systems.

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

Lintech Enterprises Limited is an organization that mainly deals in security products that caters to the bank, telecom, transport system, underground subway systems. They provide state of the art products to their clientele both in the domestic as well as in the international scenario. For further details please refer to their official website.

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