The Best Patented Solution To Menstrual Cramps Has Finally Arrived

WEST PALM BEACH FL – 29 Jun, 2017 – YOOGEN has announced the first “patented” pain relief wrap for women that will eliminate painful menstrual cramps within five minutes.  Painful menstrual cramps can cause extreme pain for women and even make a woman immovable.  There are several tablets in the market for this problem as well, but they have side effects.  Therefore, to solve this prevailing problem, YOOGEN has presented a simple and effective solution that has no side effects at all

There is a spot on the female body called the “Cramp Spot” or “C-Spot” and this spot was discovered by our founder, the inventer of YOOGEN, a 20 year acupuncturist, who specialized in women’s health problems, said a spokeswoman of YOOGEN, while introducing the solution.  When pressure is applied on the “C-Spot” during a woman’s period, there is menstrual cramp relief that has been tested and proven effective within five minutes of its applcation, she added.   The word YOOGEN is derived from “you again”, which is exactly what a woman will feel like after using it.  She will feel like herself again, fresh, healthy and beautiful.

YOOGEN is based on principles of acupuncture, one of the most effective techniques practiced worldwide.  According to a report by the Mayo Clinic on “Causes of Menstrual Cramps”, “Severe contractions may constrict the blood vessels feeding the uterus.  The resulting pain can be compared to the chest pain that occurs when blocked blood vessels starve portions of the heart of food and oxygen”.  YOOGEN, when properly applied, on the “C-Spot”, will relieve the pain experienced during the process of menstruation.  The reason YOOGEN does what it does and as quickly as it does is because it reduces the intensity of the uterine contractions.  When the contractions decrease, blood flows to the uterus and the pain stops  This new, non-invasive device will stop painful menstrual cramps just by applying pressure on a specific spot between the ankle and knee in less than five minutes.

The best feature of YOOGEN is that it is completely reusable, easy to carry or store and has zero side effects.  It can be used anytime or anywhere as needed, i.e. students, moms, working women or sportswomen during a game or a major tournament.  Instead of pills, electrical gadgets or other remedies, this completely natural and harmless solution will help women within five minutes and will end women having to lose days due to pain.  Imagine, in less than five minutes, you will be “you again”, pain-free and have your life back.  Imagine if women did not have to suffer from painful menstrual cramps anymore.  How life-altering that would be for millions of women of all ages worldwide.

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