Au Naturel Products For Multiracial & Multicultural Skin Now A Reality, Thanks To Creole Complexion

MCDONOUGH, GA – A new skincare company, founded with the intention to create high quality products that would cater to the needs of multicultural, multiracial, and biracial individuals’ needs, is challenging stereotypes in the cosmetics industry, while simultaneously acting as an example for both successful female entrepreneurship and strong multicultural representation in the business of beauty. Creole Complexion, which is based out of McDonough, GA, has already launched its first two products, the Creole Whipped Au Naturel Body Butter, and the Creole Rose Water Moisturizer, creating a rippling effect across the online world.

Soothing, moisturizing, and boasting a rich, natural ingredient profile, Creole Complexion products offer a luxurious, med-spa quality experience – yet at an affordable price range. It comes as no surprise, then, that Creole Complexion has already gained a significant social media following, as its mission, in conjunction with its products’ efficacy, have put the company on track towards a meteoric rise to prominence.

Mrs. Theresa Styles, PhD, MBA, founder and CEO of Creole Complexion, says she can trace the reasons that led her to develop her skin care brand dating as far back as her childhood: “Growing up in a Creole family from Louisiana has always brought many challenges with finding the right products for my skin and hair. Like so many Creole families from Louisiana, we cover a variety of complexions. I often refer to myself as a walking rainbow.”

She went on to comment on the need for cosmetic products that would specifically address the idiosyncratic nature of Creole, biracial, and multiracial people’s skin, saying that “As a generalization, multiracial skin is a combination skin type. Why? Because multiracial, biracial, and multicultural people get different characteristics from each of their parents, leading to combination skin, oily, dry, and normal. Each multiracial person is different, even between siblings.”

She continued, “My grandmother and mother always struggled with finding the best products that would be favorable to our delicate skin. Throughout my 46 years, I always had skin issues. After years of going to the dermatologist for ointments, steroids, and injections, I realized I had to do something different. So, I changed my diet and I changed my products. So, after years of searching and trying assorted products for my daughters and myself, I decided to create my own!”

As to what the future holds for Creole Complexion, Mrs. Styles maintained that all new products that will be added to the company’s exclusive skin care line are sure to make customers exclaim, “C’est bon!”, which is, after all, Creole Complexion’s motto.

Creole Complexion products are currently available for purchase on the company’s Etsy shop.

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