A free DIY website builder tool for massage therapists

Simple tool for building your own website

Are you a qualified massage therapist with a great location but failing to get to get as much business as you’d like?  Building a good website might increase your chances to reach your target customers in no time. Online presence is mandatory in recent times to make your brand visible among a vast customer base. Many people think that to build a nice mobile responsive website you might need to invest quite a good amount of money. Well, not anymore. With Massage 4 Life Website Builder, you can develop an attractive website on your own without investing a penny. This is an easy tool with a simple step by step guide that will help you develop your own website and publish it too.

1-2-3 and your website is ready!

Building a website with this tool is very easy and involves only three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose your template

There are 14 readymade templates exclusively made for the massage therapy providers. The designs are exquisite with different color combinations and patterns to fit your brand. You can choose any one of them matching your preferences and start building your contents.

Step 2: Customise as you need

The next step is to fill up your contents that you need to put on your website. You can add up to five pictures and five pages. Also, you can write the product descriptions, exclusive offerings, maps, contact details, price list and more. The process is extremely simple without the need of any professional help. The simple drag and drop options and a few button clicks will give you the desired results in no time. Once you are finished with filling up all the necessary information, you are ready to publish it.

Step 3: Publish

Once you are finished with the customisation part, it is time to publish your website. Have a preview of your customised template before you publish to be assured of how it would look. Choose a domain name from a list of options and publish it immediately once you are ready. Your website is now live and your customers now can see it. The social media integration is part of the free package so you don’t need to worry about the promotion part as well.

You are now the owner of your own mobile-responsive website that it compatible with any operating system and device. Be it a desktop, laptop, smart phone or any other handheld device, your website will look best in each one of them.

Benefits and Additional Features

The Free Massage Websites you develop using this tool are absolutely secured and SSL encrypted. Once your website is launched, you can always edit or update your contents as the control is in your hands. The best part is you save a huge amount of money and time in the website building process. The tool is absolutely free but if you need any specialised features like a custom domain name, unlimited photo and product uploads, online bookings and payments, you can upgrade to a paid version to get those features. The paid plans are loaded with advanced features and quite affordable too. Most importantly, they can efficiently take care of the online presence as well as the promotional activities for your brand.

Stay updated and ahead of competition

If you want to know more about this free website builder tool, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/massage4lifewebsitebuilder/ to check the user reviews and follow the recent updates. So, build your own customised website for your massage therapy centre and stay ahead of the competition by attracting new customers.

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