ProFormance Roofing – Repairing Roof Damage and Dealing with Insurance Claims

Clermont, Florida While Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and warmer weather, the state is also the most hurricane-prone area in the United States. At least one will hit annually, and there is a 30% chance that it is going to be a major hurricane. Even without considering storms, the Sunshine State has a severe weather condition which leaves homes, especially roofs, vulnerable to damage. Hiring contractors to do the reparation is an unexpected expense to homeowners and may strain their finances. Hence, ProFormance Roofing seeks to educate them about roof reparation and insurance compensation.

“Beyond a roofing contractor company, we want customers to avail our services but without much financial stress. There are times your home may incur damage from hail, wind, or hurricane. If you think this may be covered by your insurance carrier, we advise you to contact them as soon as possible. A vast majority of homeowners’ insurance policies have clauses you must meet before your claim can be entertained, but that is almost always less than the total cost of the repairs being done,” says Frank Hessburg, the company spokesperson. ProFormance Roofing believes that homeowners must exhaust all the possible means to reduce the impact on their wallets. Roofing repairs can cost as much as 30% of the total cost of a house, after all.

Those who are living in Central Florida can avail of roofing contracting services with ProFormance Roofing in Clermont, FL. The company is a family-owned business so clients can expect their roofs to be repaired and replaced with an established quality. Some contractors outsource services resulting to inconsistent results. With ProFormance Roofing, they do the job themselves and make sure it is done from beginning to end. They also help their clients in tracking the time when their roofs get damaged by providing the most recent severe weather conditions in the area. For more information about the company, read more.

Hurricane Andrew cost approximately $2.75 billion in property damage when it hit Florida last year, and many homeowners were caught unprepared for the consequences. In situations where one has a valid insurance claim but does not know what to do or may need further clarifications, ProFormance Roofing has experts who can guide their clients to the next steps. Hessburg also advises them to read more on their website or do some researches whenever their roofs are damaged from inclement weather conditions. ProFormance Roofing accepts most, if not all, repair costs from the client’s insurance.

To learn more about their roofing services, those who are interested may visit their website at and signup for updates. ProFormance Roofing is located at 1795 E Highway 50 B Clermont, Florida. They can be reached via phone at (407) 702-0206 or via email at

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