Complete the decor of the bathroom with fine art on the toilet seat lid

Unique luxury toilet seats-functional art

USA – 29 Jun, 2017 – ­TGC (The GREAT Company) has developed the best way to complete the décor of the most decorated room in the house, the bathroom. The seats are offered with images of fine art and patterns on the lid. There are both round and elongated styles available.

The process produces vivid color to match and compliment the bathroom in a very unique and permanent way. Not a decal or overlay. Also, there is the method of adding ‘texture’ to the image that is extremely unique, the feel of hand painted, but without the high cost.

Seats are offered in two ways. One, the customer purchases the seat and selects images from the provided portfolio of over 120 images or two, they can provide art, photo or their own design to satisfy the exact color or theme of the bathroom.

The seat themselves are of the highest quality and come with the most recent industry features such as Whisper Close, (no more slamming lids to wake your family), Easy Clean/Easy Remove, to be able to completely clean under the seat and our special Sta-Tite hardware to secure the seat to the bowl. Made here in the United States.

For further information please contact us at:

The GREAT Company, a division of Jonco Industries, Inc.

2800 W. Custer Avenue

Milwaukee, WI. 53209


Mr. Richard Ernst

Director of Business Development



Over 60 million seats are sold in the U.S. every year.

The bathroom is the most decorated room in the home.

The toilet seat is used at minimum of seven times a day on average.

It is the number one item replaced in rental of a residence or the purchase of an existing home.

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