Introducing Sybaritic Bags, Animal-Friendly Handbags Designed for the 21st Century

Today, people carry more in their handbags than ever before. It is not uncommon for a woman to have a phone, car keys, makeup, a wallet, and several other items in her handbag. Here to help people accommodate this plethora of items is Sybaritic Bags and their latest line.

The purpose of a handbag is to allow the user to have more items at their convenience; however, this is not always the result they produce. More often than not, a handbag or purse simply becomes a jumbled mess of items that is completely unorganized and impossible to access quickly. Statisticians can only guess at how much time is wasted while a person digs through their handbag searching for their car keys. To make matters worse, these handbags and purses are slowly needing to carry more and more items as technology progresses. Portable chargers, cell phones, tablets, new beauty products, and other items all add to the list of items a purse needs to neatly contain. Here to provide some much needed organizational tools in the form of a finely-crafted purse is Sybaritic Bags, an up-and-coming luxury bag company.

At the core of Sybaritic Bags, the company aims to give every client a lux experience through fine craftsmanship and intuitive design. To allow their bags to accommodate the multitude of items that people today have on hand, each bag comes with six spacious and labeled compartments that are specifically tailored for various products as well as a large tech compartment for laptops or tablets. These labeled pouches include makeup, refreshments, and even an electronics section that includes a portable USB charger to keep phones and other devices alive throughout the day.

As an added benefit, every bag sold by Sybaritic Bags is PETA approved as vegan, keeping all of the business practices held by the company completely animal-friendly. The bags themselves are made of materials like high-quality faux leather with a classy, yet fun look in mind. What’s more is that the company is currently planning to create various other products including backpacks, satchels, and even accessories all with the same design qualities and lux appearance.

In order to ethically produce these innovative bags, the Sybaritic Bags team needs support. To remedy this issue, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Interested readers can pre-order a bag as a token of their support, helping the Sybaritic Bags team get on their feet while the company takes flight. With this support, Sybaritic Bags is excited to provide a new level of organization to handbags of all shapes and sizes.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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