HEADSHARP, a personal development company that guides athletes to build a championship mindset for sports performance, this week launched a new, innovative sports performance app for student athletes, ages 10 and up.

The new app, which is completely free to download and use, comes with 80 animated videos, smart technology, and creative designs to help athletes learn, build positive routines, and prepare for game day. Once users register with the app, a colorful display of 15 championship buttons appear, providing parents and student athletes with free access to 5-topics to learn and sharpen their game.

“Sports are played with body, but won with the mind,” said Chris Noto, Founder and Owner of HEADSHARP. “Athletes need a healthy balance of positive mindset training. The goal is to educate them on topics they have been told cannot be taught, and to empower them to grow and be a guided resource.”

The app comes with 5 free levels, each containing whiteboard animated videos and sports motivational videos to set the tone for learning. Additional buttons can be purchased individually or unlocked all at once for a discounted price. Athletes also engage in multiple-choice smart exercises that give them a personal feel to prioritize their strengths and weaknesses in their sport.

App features include visualization and breathing exercises, guided routines, goal setting and self-assessments, weekly challenges for both on and off the field, and game day resources to access at any time.

“Having coached several youth champions, I can tell you there is a common theme in how they think, prepare, and bounce back, but also how families act,” said Noto. “What is motivating for me is when a 6th grade athlete tells me they feel more confident now when faced with a daunting school project or is visualizing success with the game on the line. That’s exactly what we’re aiming to provide with this new app.”

Noto has over 20-years of experience coaching student athletes who have achieved peak performance in the high school athletics and academics. He is a certified performance coach, mental skills trainer, and NLP practitioner, as well as a former Pan Jiu Jitsu Medalist. He helped coach his brother to 2 Wrestling State Championships and High School All American honors in the late 1990s.

For more information, or to download the new, free app, visit: http://www.headsharp.com/

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