Conroe TX Gastroenterologist Warns About Downplaying Rectal Bleeding

“Dr. Ilyas Memon”

Conroe, TX – 30/6/2017 In a recent interview with Doctor Relations, Dr. Ilyas Memon, a board certified gastroenterologist, revealed that many people ignore rectal bleeding. He said the public need to be warned about just how serious rectal bleeding could be and need for thorough and complete evaluation. A person with this condition will notice blood in the stool, on the toilet paper or blood dripping in the toilet bowl. He added that many people  assume it will resolve itself, but ignoring it can make the condition get worse.

Dr. Ilyas Memon, aware of the fact that rectal bleeding is usually a sign of an underlying problem, gives critical advice on this condition. Based on his experience of over 15 years in diagnosing and treating diseases associated with the digestive system and the liver, he explains that rectal bleeding can be associated with variety of different conditions. Some of them include the presence of tears in the anal skin called anal fissure, continuous constipation or even hard stool, and hemorrhoids. In more severe cases, rectal bleeding could be caused by colorectal cancer or colitis, just to mention a few.

He advises that people that experience rectal bleeding for more than one or two days should see a doctor. Failure to do this could lead to worsening medical situations where the bleeding could be accompanied by severe anal or abdominal pain. It might also present with dizziness, weakness as well because it could cause you to loose blood and become anemic. 

Dr. Ilyas Memon is well versed in a wide scope of Gastro Intestinal procedures that include Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, and has extensive experience in treating many patients with rectal bleeding using his proven treatment plans that incorporate the latest technology. He believes that as more people understand this condition, more of us can enjoy healthier lives.

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