Brighter3D Claims Title Of Fastest, Easiest SketchUp Plugin On The Market

UNITED KINGDOM – Architects, kitchen designers, and anyone in need of quality visualizations of their 3Dmodels and scenes made in SketchUp can now complete their tasks with incomparable ease and speed. Brighter3D, a revolutionary plugin for SketchUp, allows users to create high quality photorealistic renders from their SketchUp scenes, in HDR format, and with the help of unique, noiseless rendering technology, which allows for the creation of noise-free images right from the start of the rendering process.

Additional benefits of the Brighter3D plugin include its built-in, 100 different, real-life measured materials, which can be combined using reflectance/refrectance/index of refraction, Fresnel term, to create countless more new materials; its stunning array of lighting options (artificial, daylight and HDRI lighting); its multithreading capability, which is optimized for Intel processors, and makes the most of CPU powers, thus making Brighter3D compatible with systems without highly advanced graphics cards; and, finally, the plugin’s regular mode, which “computes the final image line by line from the beginning”, guaranteeing that “the difference between the calculated pixel value and the “true solution” will be less than 2%”, which is undetectable by the human eye.

“Brighter3D was designed with the needs of those working with SketchUp in mind” said the company’s media representative. He continued, “Our plugin has a short learning curve, and we help users master its use, fast, through providing a Brighter3D tutorial on our website. In April of this year, we released the Brighter3D version 2.7.2, which has, among other things, an updated and refined raytracing core engine, featuring the latest algorithms optimized with i-series processors. We are committed to continuously improving our plugin, to ease the burden of rendering work for our fellow Brighters.”

Those wishing to test out Brighter3D’s capabilities can download the plugin’s free version, while the Brighter3D PRO version can be purchased at an affordable price point, on the company’s website. The company wishes to share that all Brighter3D PRO version owners benefit from free, lifetime product upgrades.


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