ILance Launches New Marketplace Software-as-a-Service

Version 5.0 Supports Mobile, Auctions, eCommerce, Multi-Site, Complete with Analytic Dashboards

ONTARIO, CANADA – 30 Jun, 2017 – ILance Software, a leading Auction and Ecommerce platform in the retail marketplace, announced that it has launched version 5.0 of its popular marketplace software. Version 5.0, which is available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis and owned license opportunity, enables fast and easy deployment of a complete and manageable Auction and Ecommerce web portal. With this new release, ILance wants to streamline the deployment of niche product marketplaces for multiple brands and industries.

“This new version of our platform gives you an opportunity to seamlessly create and manage branded auction portals that utilize ILance’s authentic and powerful technology,” said Peter Salzmann, Founder and CEO, ILance Auction Software. “This kind of capability is crucial for growing business and revenue. We remove the client’s burden of starting up, installing and configuring server environments, which can be a big challenge when utilizing new technology. By having a relationship with a leading service provider, you open the door to support and expertise in the field, getting the benefits of superior modern marketplace technology.” ILance has over 12 years of experience supporting many varied industries.

The ILance end user can now install and fully manage their own business or open the doors to new business partners through just a couple of simple steps. The easy deployment process opens a whole new plethora of functionality. Each new account has its own environment where a site admin can list new products, bulk upload lots, manage orders, create and dispatch invoices and configure custom settings, completely independent of other marketplaces.

Each marketplace is equipped with customizable web assets such as images, information fields, hero banners, advertisements, languages, branding copyrights and so forth. All of these can be maintained by the admin owner of the website, giving the owner the power to present a custom-branded marketplace while still maintaining a presence on the web for traffic generation and SEO purposes.

About ILance Software

Based in Grafton, Canada, ILance Inc is a leading incorporated auction and ecommerce marketplace platform. The ILance software is designed to streamline and modernize the online buy and sell process, empowering site owners with full management and transparency over other transactional methods. The ILance Marketplace Software platform is one of the most versatile, feature rich and customizable solutions available on the web. ILance supports a variety of industries including Retail, Services, Commodities, Automotive, Supplies and many more.

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