Successful acquisition of Connect by Pi Group at 120 Million USD

AI will take the lead in the 4th industrial revolution. AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol last year and Ke Jie this year, arousing wide global concern. As the R&D progress of AI continues, technology giants in Silicon Valley are queuing up purchasing AI start-ups. According to a report by the global market research company CB Insights, there have been nearly 140 AI private companies or start-ups purchased by these famous technology giants.

π Group also sees its prospect. That’s the reason why it directly began several plans in AI area after the receipt of 200 million USD investments from Matrix. The first it did was to combine AI technologies like real scene recognition and some new AR technologies, then to match the iOS system and Android system with the above technologies and LBS, and ultimately to realize an innovative gameplay of AR+LBS.

Journalists recently learned that π Group has made a successful acquisition of an AI lab named Connect at 120 million USD. The lab is said to have gathered experts from multiple areas for R&D in multiple cutting-edge areas like deep learning algorithm, intelligent drive, computer vision and machine learning, etc. A π Group board director told us that they will take advantage of the technologies of Connect as well as the massive users and data the group has by far accumulated. He further said they have been applying AI in their products and will develop more AI products in the future. For instance, they will soon launch a trial version of an intelligent real scene recognition product which can bring our users a real sense of intelligent era. They believe this investment will for sure gain them great harvests.

According to experts from Connect, the trainings they are doing are based on the big data from all the relevant global markets, thus the system is able to record, learn and analyze the data so as to make more accurate prediction of different industries. As for the algorithm structure, the system adopts the multiple coexistence strategy, but will weigh all of them based on the degree of importance in different situations. At the same time the ultimate goal is to form an integrated and healthy algorithm ecology, so it’s pretty open towards new algorithms from markets. In such ways the system is able to sustainably increase the accuracy of prediction and help people to gain more profits.

Human activities are creating 2.5 Exabyte and the figure is estimated to exceed 44 zettabyte by 2020. What we are doing is bound to bring people to a time of connections and algorithms. The perfect combination of AI and algorithms will surely help to perfect the data sorting and using process to bring more valuable information.

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