FLiFLi Drone Fishing Accessory for DJI Phantom Series Kicks Off!

United States – 30th June, 2017 – FLiFLi Airdrop, the leading electronics manufacturer of portable drop equipment and bestselling FLiFLi Airdrop technology offers drone drop accessory for DJI Phamtom Series for customers across the globe. The company produces highly advanced electronic products inspired from fishing which makes drone fishing accessory globally in demand and the DJI phantom series kicking in the market today. 

FLiFLi Airdrop thrives to provide global customers with interesting experience through an advanced drone technology. “Customers can expect a new paradigm. FLiFLi Airdrop has unique features and different operating system that sets this technology apart from the rest. It can be launched with remote control which is included in the product package”, CEO of FLiFLi Airdrop said. 

The company designed the new technology with high quality, industry standard and customer satisfaction in mind. The new FLiFLi Airdrop drone fishing accessory is incorporated with cutting-edge features to take drone playing to new heights. The bestselling FLiFLi Airdrop is known for its convenience which makes it widely popular. The device is much convenient and easier to equip compared to other dropping equipment in the market. It features a hassle-free installation. Consumers can enjoy FLiFLi Airdrop device in just four simple steps. 

FLiFLi Airdrop Company aims to make the lives of their customers better by delivering high quality products. The drone fishing accessory is designed to make drones in DJI Phantom Series easier to equip so customers can fully enjoy their device with convenience. It features the infamouse one-touch operation. The technology is using a radio transmitter which is highly equipped with RF module to operate the drone smoothly by simply pushing a button. Controlling the equipment is simple and quick with stabilization system being close with its one-touch technology. 

FLiFLi technology is equipped with Low Power Wide Area Network or LoRa. “We want to ensure that customers experience high-performance operation when they use our products. LoRa Technology is a kilometre-wide wireless coverage and stable connection so customers won’t have to find data connection. With LoRa Technology they can expect super wide range operation and exceptional performance of up to .6 mile with one-time synchronization”, CEO of FLiFLi Airdrop device added. 

Other features that customers love about FLiFLi Airdrop are its lightweight feature and compact design. FLiFLi Company makes the technology easy-to-use experience. It also provides light weight dropping so customer can take the FLiFLi Airdrop and drone fishing accessory wherever their feet take them for fun, leisure and unlimited activities. The FLiFLi drone fishing accessory completely harmonizes with the drone body so it maintains elegance and exceptional dropping experience when flying. 

FLiFLi Company is creating drone innovations that bring immeasurable benefits in commercial and recreational domains. With its advanced features and unique capability that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s no wonder consumers and drone enthusiasts continue to support the company’s FLiFLi Airdrop products. 

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MR1YHP6 (FAD-1000ST)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0719J45YT (FAD-1000AT)

About FLiFLi Airdrop 

FLiFLi Airdrop is an electronic manufacturer which designs delightful experiences with drone technology. The company offers new paradigm of drone device which includes the bestselling FLiFLi Airdrop FLiFLi to provide exceptional drone dropping experience. FLiFLi Airdrop is a compact and smart DJI drone technology great for drone fishing.

The company’s website is http://www.myflifli.com for more information about the company. 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=flifli

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