Resilience Institute Report Reveals the Impact of Resilience Training on Job Fulfilment and Wellbeing

A Global Resilience Report finds that resilience – a learned ability to demonstrate bounce, courage, connection and creativity – can be measured and improved through simple interventions.


The Resilience Institute’s “Resilience Delivers” report analyses 26,099 Diagnostic Assessments. The results are clear: when an individual learns to apply key resilience skills, they improve across 11 categories and 60 factors, including Job Fulfilment (46%), Sleep Quality (86%) and Focus (43%).

Dr Sven Hansen, Founder of The Resilience Institute said, “The current reality is turbulence or VUCA. Our data shows high levels of distress in 45%, hypervigilance in 50%, and worry in 55% of our clients. Stress is reported to be the highest in 10 years (American Psychologic Association), costing the US $300 billion[1] and Europe, 72 billion[2] in lost productivity. Resilience is a strategic competence.”

The global report reveals six key findings:

1. Resilience interventions deliver positive change on every factor of resilience.

2. The CEO must lead, shape, promote and model resilience.

3. Global Diversity: resilience is globally relevant and locally distinct.

4. Gender Counts: men and women have different needs and solutions.

5. Age Matters: needs and opportunities much match age profiles.

6. We are Changing: over time key resilience factors are changing.

Dr Hansen said, “We face a variety of part solutions – EAP, insurance, wellness, EQ, mindfulness, which can trivialise and compartmentalise the importance of preparing and supporting people to be safe, well and effective.

“Resilient people are calm, energised, engaged, focused and creative.

When your organisation is resilient you will attract resilient people. This virtuous cycle separates the truly great from the average.”

After resilience training participants achieved, on average, a 0.55 increase in Resilience Ratio, with the greatest improvements shown in wellbeing, thinking and depression.

[1] American Institute of Stress, 2016.

[2] European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2014

About The Resilience Institute

The Resilience Institute has trained over 80,000 individuals from offices in seven countries. They have a proven solution to measuring the human dimension, targeting the right investments, and delivering results that underpin success.

Three rounds of peer-reviewed psychometrics on the Resilience Diagnostic show high reliability and construct validity.

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