New Report Reveals Most Customer Centric Marketing Companies in the US

Fingerprint Marketing is an award-winning, full service Seattle Design Studio. They specialize in designing and developing unique, high-quality, responsive websites, crafting creative branding and supporting graphic collateral and building online marketing strategies that convert business.
This press release contains an abbreviated report of the most customer centric marketing companies in the United States.

National Press Distributors has recently completed a thorough analysis report of the world’s most customer centric marketing companies. This extensive research project came to a conclusion after National Press Distributors analyzed public customer reviews of the largest and most influential marketing brands in the United States.

Marketing managers and business owners frequently ask about which Marketing companies are the most reliable, trustworthy, and effective. Feedback from real customers is currently the most useful way to compare multiple different businesses against one another when making a purchasing decision.

In doing this research National Press Distributors produced a short report representing a fraction of the data collected for the purpose of distribution to the press. The following is that abbreviated report of the most customer centric marketing companies in the United States.

1 – Fingerprint Marketing

This award-winning firm located in the heart of Seattle is well-regarded for its comprehensive expertise in marketing for businesses.

“Pia and her team at Fingerprint Marketing have a high attention to detail and were able to design a website for my business to tell my unique story and help me to stand out in a busy market.” – Kathryn G. on Yelp

Fingerprint Marketing has earned rave reviews for its customer service, professionalism, and modern techniques. Due to consistently excellent customer reviews, they lead our abbreviated list of the most customer centric marketing companies.

2 – Sensis

Located in Los Angeles, Sensis is trusted by major companies around the nation and continues to earn the support of its clients. It has a professional staff and employs creative techniques for all campaigns.

“They were very focused on establishing calmness in the unit and creating a clear direction to guide their work.” – Dean on

This company addresses a wide range of marketing types to help build reputable campaigns.

3 – Citizen Group

While its primary focus remains towards offline campaigns, this has added to its arsenal with the recent recruitment of digital marketing specialists. These professionals are well-equipped with high-end skills and understand the value of customer service.

“Citizen Group did a fantastic job.” – Andy, cofounder of Yerdle

Citizen Group continues to earn the praise of clients around the nation.

4 – Duncan Channon

Reputed as being a world-class company with strategic specialists, it continues to hone its craft in the list of leading marketing companies.

“5 stars is not enough. You guys got some serious swag!” – Dwayne on

It’s a professional company with years of experience and an underlying thirst for creativity.

5 – Kiosk

Their primary focus remains towards PPC campaigns, but they’ve started to spread their wings into other components of marketing. 

“I love the bus stop ads they have done in Novato – way to go!” – Leslie on

Kiosk is a staple in the marketing world and is well-regarded for its intricate work.

This abbreviated report is drawn from a comprehensive analysis of marketing companies all around the United States. National Press Distributors conducted this analysis by reading hundreds of customer testimonials and public reviews. Their methodology concluded that marketing companies with many highly positive customer reviews represent the most significant factor for their rankings.

For questions about this abstract of the full report please refer to National Press Distributors’ press representative.

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