Vertically Growing The Sweetest Organic Bell Peppers in Bermuda

Sun State Organics to provide award winning Organic Vertical Growing System in Bermuda

OCALA, FL – 6 Jul, 2017 – We’ve all heard of Bermuda shorts and Bermuda onions. Soon you may be hearing about Bermuda peppers, due to an easy to use, chemical-free and cost-effective growing system.

Sun State Organics, an Ocala, FL based manufacturer of organic conversion equipment, has been chosen by Organic Vertical Growing (OVG) Bermuda as the preferred partner for growing fresh, local, organic sweet bell peppers in Bermuda.

Richard Simon of OVG Bermuda states: “We are delighted to bring fresh, local, organic vegetables to Bermuda. Bermudians love fresh organic produce and the Sun State Organic Vertical Growing system produces the most mouth-watering produce we have ever tasted. We hope to be delivering a locally grown premium product to the shelves of the finest Bermuda grocery stores and restaurants in the next 6 months.”

“Our Vertical Farming system has finally come of age,” says Brian Donnelly, Managing Partner of Sun State Organics. “After years of refinement our vertical growing system is now being chosen by professional growers around the world because we have made organic growing simple and cost effective. We had to go beyond an entry level, fragile backyard hobby system to robust, industrial strength, quality components to achieve the level of efficiency we have.”

When asked what makes the system different from others Donnelly replied, “We don’t use chemicals nor synthetic growing media. Our systems grow the widest range of crops and we grow up to 10 times more per square foot. Our plants are grown in custom-blended organic soils made from premium grade OMRI listed organic ingredients. Being able to blend soils allows us to replicate local growing conditions and produce crops locally that look and taste like the far away local native varieties”.

Simon adds: “The Island relies heavily on everything getting shipped in, so being able to make sure that the supply chain is secure and efficient is satisfying. Making Bermuda more sustainable, food safe and food secure is important to all Bermudians and this system helps us do that.” said Simon.

About 78 percent of goods imported to Bermuda are food or supermarket products.

According to Dr. Anne Glasspool international food shortages “may present one of the most significant challenges facing society. This is a growing global concern that will impact Bermuda.” In her climate change report, she adds: “It is clear that with ongoing growth of the world’s human population compounded by the widespread loss of valuable farmland, increasing scarcity of fresh water, and global challenges to pollinating species, food security and availability will become a critical motivating factor driving local and international policies once again. Safeguarding agricultural land for future food production could be critical to securing Bermuda’s future.”

Donnelly explains how this unique system addresses that need. “We believe the best farming system for Bermuda is a sustainable growing system that is integrated. A system where waste organics, such as food waste, are converted into soils, fertilizers and fresh food. We have combined waste management and agriculture to produce an economic model that can out compete anyone anywhere.”

Because it reduces supply chains and “middle men,” the vertical growing system results in fewer operating costs and greater control by farmers. The import of hydroponic chemicals is very costly, often making it virtually impossible to make money in agriculture. Reliance on the electrical grid, which some might consider “life support” for the crops, makes the problem even worse. The new system employed by Sun State Organics completely changes this paradigm through practices such as worm composting, vermiculture, vertical growing and waste to energy.

“We are thrilled to be making cities and countries more sustainable and it’s exciting to see faces light up when they bite into chemical-free real food.” said Donnelly.

Sun State Organics (SSO) is a designer & manufacturer of Vertical Growing Systems and Organic Waste Processing equipment. SSO offers consulting services to organic waste generators and assists clients with custom-tailored waste solutions. SSO designs and manufactures organic conversion equipment that is simple to use, built from quality components and able to achieve a level of processing unrivaled in our industry. Their core mission is to empower people and protect the environment by providing tools needed to change the environment into sustainable solutions.

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