US Bankcard Services, Inc. Garners More Awards for Outstanding Performance

Growing on its tradition of award winning services, US Bankcard Services, Inc. (USBSI) has earned several top awards for excellent performance at the Elavon Awards Conference for merchant service providers(MSP) in Las Vegas. USBSI garnered four awards total this year including the Arch Award for outstanding merchant services.

USBSI was awarded the following Top Producer awards: 1st place for the West Coast Region, First Day Deposit (FDD) Producer; 2nd place Overall Channel, FDD Producer; and 2nd place Overall Channel, Portfolio Producer. USBSI also received the coveted Arch Award for the third year in a row for MSPs who have reached $1.5 billion dollars in transaction volume. The 1st place for West Coast Region, FDD Producer means that USBSI had the highest number of new accounts out of all Elavon MSPs on the West Coast. Second place Overall Channel, Top FDD Producer means nationwide USBSI opened the second highest number of new accounts compared to all Elavon MSPs in the United States. And last of these Top Producer awards, USBSI was 2nd in Portfolio Volume for the aggregate transaction volume of overall accounts compared to all Elavon MSPs in the nation.

For the third year in a row Elavon awarded USBSI the Arch Award for an annual processing volume of over $1.5 Billion. This year, for the first time, USBSI was joined with only one other MSP out of nearly 200 nationwide MSPs to earn this award. USBSI is proud to earn this award for its third consecutive year.

Starting in 1996, USBSI has been growing its client base by providing high quality customer service in multiple languages 24 hours a day 7 days a week. USBSI is proud to serve a diverse group of merchants nationwide with an emphasis on providing merchants with support in PCI compliance, chargeback prevention and no cancellation credit card processing services. Above all, USBSI extends its thanks to its merchants who have made it possible. Without the nationwide businesses that USBSI serves, these achievements would never be possible. USBSI looks forward to growing with its current and new merchants nationwide in 2013 to continue its tradition of award winning services.

About US Bankcard Services, Inc.

US Bankcard Services, Inc. is a top rated MSP that offers competitive rates, incredible customer service support, and cutting edge technology in credit card processing service. USBSI offers a wide array of value-added services, including (QD) restaurant e-commerce, gift card services, check guarantee, PCI –DSS compliance consultancy, 24-7 multilingual customer service and technical support. US Bankcard Services, Inc. is a registered MSP/ ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia

For more information about merchant bankcard services please visit us at or call us at: 1-888-525-8558.