Utah Rapper signs with Internationally-renowned record label

Local Hip-Hop artist Ban2.0 signs with Bentley Records

Salt Lake City, UT – Bentley Records is an international record label. It has been operating since 2013. Wining The Bentley record is an uncommon feat that only stellar performance could reach. Every musician aspires to win this record. Hence for local rap artist Ban2.0 AKA Jermaine, this record signing is a dream come true.

Ban2.0 is a hard working musician, and within the last year he has released his well-received EP and an album. The album led to the email he received a month ago. “I was just working on new music at home when I got the email from Luca Diaz the CEO of Bentley Records; I was as excited as I was skeptical, skeptical because it seemed too good to be true, but excited because of what doors it could mean for me and my music career.”

About the Deal

The deal is a one-year/one album deal that guarantees the artist full control of their music which is something to be admired nowadays. “Lot of contracts out now are 360 deals which means the label could not only make money off your music but also your livelihood like sales off merchandise that you sale on tour or your publishing, which is what a lot of artists live off”. According to him, “signing this deal was a no brainier.”

This deal will mean the rapper would have to create more songs for his fans to enjoy. With what seems to be a promising collaboration with Bentley Records you can expect to hear more music from the Salt lake rapper as the year progresses. In the meantime, you can stream and purchase Ban2.0’s latest album ‘No Coast: The LP’ on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ban2.0
Contact Person: Jermaine Muwanga
Email: Ban2Beatz@gmail.com
Phone: +1 801-708-1962
Country: United States
Website: soundcloud.com/jermaine-muwanga