Student Short Film Rose Garden Amasses 15 Awards In Film Festival Circuit

CA, United States – A student short film has generated such glorious response by critics and audiences that many a seasoned director would envy. Rose Garden, which was directed by New York Film Academy MFA student Mr. Rafael Nani also known as RafaNani, has so far won 15 awards, having been accepted in a total of 24 film festivals.

Starring Evan O’Toole as Felix, the movie highlights how a seemingly ordinary event can deeply affect the lives of many. As he and his family move into a new condo, Felix, who, tragically, is at the twilight of his short life, faces death with dignity, and a wisdom beyond his years. With his inescapable demise looming, Felix’s wit, optimism, and brave stance against his destiny, transforms the lives of those around him.

RafaNani, whose previous short film The Regret of the Doubt also fared extremely well during its run at film festivals, boasts an impressive oeuvre. Despite his young years, RafaNani’s creative output includes works for cinema and advertising, as well as photography and video productions; while he developed the script for Rose Garden as part of an Intermediate Project, during the course of his MFA studies. In a recent interview with the New York Film Academy Blog, RafaNani, who resides in Burbank, California and is originally from Brazil, spoke of how his experience of sharing his creative vision with his classmates influenced the final creative result of Rose Garden, saying that “My teachers and classmates were extremely important in helping me take my script to the next level. And all development — in terms of script analysis, shot list, floor plan, storyboards, and directing actors — made all the difference to me on set. It’s on the screen; everything was well thought out, and you can see the harmony in all of these elements.”

Rose Garden is still making the rounds in the film festival circuit, where it is has captivated audiences with its touching look at life’s fragility and the strength of human bonds. The short film is expected to secure distribution, which will lead to it being aired on the silver screen in the near future.

Any further news on Rose Garden’s film festival trajectory and wide distribution will be publically announced in future communications with the press.

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