Former Priest Champions Women Empowerment in the Religious Community

Over the last 50 years many believe that the Catholic Church has shifted away from the idea that men and women are equal when it comes to holding positions in the church. The idea of complementarity, which places certain characteristics or roles on each gender, clearly mirrors the church’s stance on this matter.

A former priest turned counselor and a brilliant author, Finbarr Corr reveals the status of women in the Catholic Church and the significant roles they play which leaders have granted little or no recognition at all. In his book, Bless Me, Mother: How Church Leaders Fail Women, Dr. Corr traces the historical conflict between the male and female hierarchy and the leadership positions in the international organizations which were formerly headed by women.

In this research-based book, Dr. Corr also points out the fact that although many women play active roles in the Catholic Church, few of them have sanctioned titles.

Dr. Corr observes that, “While the sacred scriptures indicate that [m]en and [w]omen are equal in the eyes of God, many Christian religions, including Catholicism, do not treat women as equal to men.”Even becoming a nun doesn’t get one the boon of the sacrament of Holy Orders for still only men can be ordained.

Bless Me, Mother: How Church Leaders Fail Women ingeniously uses an expressive cover that highlights the undeniable equal honor given to women in the early Christianity- a scene that cleverly depicts the ideal that author Finbarr Corr passionately champions.

He believes that with this highly research-book, both national and international readers would understand that “there is strength and great capacity in the women of this church and that faith is bigger than the institutional church.”

Dr. Corr is also the author of the books: Broken Promises: Whatever happened to Vatican Council II?, Legaginney Revisited, Bridges from Legaginney, Up Close and Personal:  Talking with Teen and Parents, Living, Laughing and Loving Thru Marriage, and The Many Loves of Joe Carroll.

Finbarr M. Corr Ed. D.

Bless me, Mother:  How Church leaders fail Women

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About the Author
Finbarr M. Corr, Ed.D. was born in a large Catholic Community in County Cavan, Ireland. He was raised by a mother, who motivated all her nine children to seek their full potential in life, which gave him the motivation to aim high as an educator, therapist and author. He served as a priest for twenty-eight years in New Jersey. In 1988, he resigned the priesthood and got married to Laurie Hutton. He created a counseling program called Partners in Change Inc. to provide counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. He also served as therapist for priests and religious women in New Jersey for twenty years.

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