Delta Life Fitness is the “Go To” Gym for Women Looking to Tone Up and Get in Shape

Delta Life Fitness gives women the tools they need to be successful meeting their fitness goals.
Delta Life Fitness is a women’s fitness concept gym that is famous for developing one of the nation’s best 30-minute workouts for women. The gym has recently announced that it is now taking franchise applications.

By Zoey Thompson, Fitness Writer

Houston, Texas – The market for women’s fitness clubs is growing. More and more women are looking for a safe place to lose weight while gaining muscle and confidence. Delta Life Fitness is an award-winning gym that caters to this under-represented fitness demographic. The gym’s programs for women have been wildly successful, achieving stellar weight loss and fitness results and praise from fitness periodicals. As of this story, Delta Life Fitness has had over 30 women lose 100+ lbs, 300 more lose 50+ lbs, and 1000 women lose over 20 lbs using their programs.  Delta Life currently has over 2500 ladies training at its 22 nation-wide facilities every day. The company has separated itself from other gyms of its type by having limited memberships so that instructors and trainers can better work with the gym’s patrons and female-focused programs that maximize calories burned.

“Our Tone and Torch workouts combine both cardio and strength training in every workout allowing our ladies to burn up to 900 calories with just a single session,” says CEO Josh Cherry. “We have seen incredible weight loss results with this program and it is certainly a selling point for our gyms. When people see their friends and neighbors losing weight and gaining muscle as rapidly as our clients have done they want to get in on that action.”

Their system focuses on the three pillars of health and fitness: fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition. By managing all three they have been able to achieve the types of results that all gyms would envy. Cherry believes that having a repeatable system is important, but where they stand apart from the rest is in providing an environment of empowerment. Delta Life Fitness couples a community based approach with technology to help foster accountability and empower members to keep going. The gym utilizes an app that tracks patrons as they advance through the system’s steps and also utilizes a scrolling leader board to chart the success of gym members.

“It’s our job to give the women who come to this gym the tools they need to be successful,” says Cherry. “Not only do we provide what we believe is the best workout program available right now, but we also take our roles as motivators seriously. Delta Life is here for those multi-tasking women who have spent years putting other people first. This is their time to shine, and our job is to help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves. Our fitness programs may change but our mission to serve and empower women never will.”

The company’s success has helped them to grow past their original gym locations and into franchise territory. Previously, the company had only allowed employees or close friends and family to own a franchise. They have recently decided to open up the franchise enrollment to non-employees. The gyms are easy to operate and can be run with only 4-8 employees, making them affordable to buy into. The company hopes this will enable them to spread their women-focused programs across the nation more rapidly.

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