Simple Gmail Notes – 100% Free, 100% Privacy and Open Source Extension Now Available

Bart Solutions, an emerging IT company released Simple Gmail Notes which can help you take notes in both Gmail and Google Inbox. It aims to help users organize their emails in a simple and transparent way.

About Simple Gmail Notes

Simple Gmail Notes is an extension that claims 100% Privacy, 100% Free and Open Source. It supports both Gmail and Google Inbox, and can be downloaded from Chrome extension store and Firefox add-on market.

To get it, firstly you need to go to the web store and find it. Subsequently, add the extension to Chrome or Firefox and when done, reload the Gmail or Inbox to see it now added.

To add notes, you can click any mail you want to add note with, then click ‘log in’ in the mail which will show a popup menu, prompting the user to log into their Google Drive account to use Simple Gmail Notes. After the above steps are completed, you can now enjoy the convenience from the extension.

Users can add notes to individual Gmail conversations. It is very useful for some businessmen, sales, and communications between colleagues in companies. The note will be automatically saved after editing, so you don’t need to worry about whether it has been saved.  The notes are automatically stored in your own Google Drive.

One of the most important features is that Simple Gmail Notes can show abstracts in the email summary so that you can find the corresponding note quickly and accurately. For example, if you want to find the email with a specific note, just need to find the abstracts in the email summary list, it will save a lot of time. Users can also set lengths, font sizes, and colors of abstracts to help them identify the mail more easily. In addition, SGN history can be seen on the right of the mail, so you can see the related notes between mails.

The other features include setting note position, searching note, and adding to Google Calendar. Users can also set display according to their own preferences. I believe that many people could benefit from this simple and easy-to-use extension at work.

About Bart Solutions

Bart Solutions is an energetic team with 7 years of solid experience for different kinds of technologies,  they are committed to providing customers with better products and services.

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