Bad Boss? Here\’s A Creative Solution Is A Remarkably Simple Platform That Enables Employees To Communicate Their Concerns Anonymously

Houston, TX, USA – July 11, 2017 – Some managers drive you crazy by playing favorites, taking credit for your work, or it may just be their morning coffee breath. is an online tool that enables employees to send anonymous, constructive messages to their bosses. “Have you ever wanted to slip an unsigned note under the door after hours or leave a message on your manager’s windshield in the parking lot? You no longer have to take the risk of being caught,” says Roger Ferguson, a career HR executive and creator of the site. “ enables you to send sensitive messages safely, conveniently, and confidentially.” 

The service is being offered on a pay-per-message basis with two options.  The first option, to simply send the message, costs a little more than $5.00 (a Starbucks coffee, says Ferguson).  For this level of service, experienced managers at SomeoneShouldTellYou will review the message content for appropriateness, suggesting edits that will improve the message, when needed.  The message is sent from SomeoneShouldTellYou, concealing the employee’s identity.  

“We intend this service to not only be safe for message senders, but very useful for the managers receiving the feedback.  The site will be strictly monitored, requiring all the messages be constructive and professional,” says Ferguson.  “Messages that are vulgar, discriminatory, mean-spirited, or threatening will not be forwarded,” he added. Option two offers the employee the opportunity to not only send their message, but to also include a training package for their manager that is focused on the specific improvement need identified in the employee’s message.

If the boss appears to be a micro-manager, for example, SomeoneShouldTellYou will send them a short video on the subject from an executive coach at  Training packages also include web links for additional reading, practical tools and exercises to help the manager improve, and sometimes books on the subject.  These materials are designed to help the boss improve their management skill and style and can be purchased by the employee at the onset or by the manager after receiving the message.  The cost of the coaching option is $24.95.

“We hope that will help to improve the workplace for everyone involved—both employees and their managers,” says Ferguson.  The service is also offered to organizations in need of an electronic ethics hotline or suggestion box. 

About is owned by Village View Ventures, LLC in Sugar Land, Texas.  Roger Ferguson is the principal owner and can be reached for comment and interviews at or 832.544.2316 (Central Time).

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