A kind of amazing wood, can dance in the fire, even save the depleted forest resource!

Everyday in the world, there are lots of fire happened, at different time, at different places, for different reasons. Perhaps, at this moment, there is a fire happening somewhere near you.

As we all know, global warming has increased for a period, and nowhere in the world can be exception. The sun is getting hotter, the climate is becoming more and more extreme, and we feel more and more sick under the weather, but the global warming has not yet aroused our mindful attention, at least most of us. There are lots of things which we didn’t know at past, and we’re not clear enough at the moment. Just like many people still don’t understand what is the impact of forest cutting in somehow.


In the world we live in , large amounts of oxygen is produced by green plants through photosynthesis, and these plants can absorb a lot of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide is the biggest cause of global warming). For a long time, unrestrained trees cutting in the world cause more and more carbon dioxide but less and less oxygen, and finally the greenhouse effect become much more serious than before. Without any limitation, it won’t take too much time and our only world will be sick like human body. ( for many abandoned timber, such as small tree branches and roots can not be used, will be burned or destroyed, so the extra carbon dioxide happen again)

But do you think that result of unrestrained forest cutting is only global warming or oxygen reducing?

Absolutely no, the fact far from it!

According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report, there are half of global forest have been cut since record began, and mainly because of human activities. What’s more, according to UN’s agriculture organization report in 2001, global forest fell from 3.96 billion hectares in 1990 down to 3.87 billion hectares in 2000, that means nearly 10 million hectares of forest are lost every year around the world.

Though there is an average annual increase of 3.01 million hectares between 1990 and 2000, tropical and non-tropical natural forest have decreased by 12.5 million hectares annually.

Such unrestrained forest cutting will cause local soil and water loss easily, and if the vegetation coverage is too low, not only huge loss of soil and water will be caused, land will be destroyed, river bed will be filled high, then the estuary will be blocked, and the harm will be extremely serious.


According to statistics, one acre of trees can absorb 20,000 to 60,000 kilograms of dust a year, absorb 67 kilograms of carbon dioxide and release 48 kilograms of oxygen per day, and absorb toxic gas sulfur dioxide 4 kilograms per month. What’s more, one acre pine forest can produce nearly 200 kilograms of spinosads in 2 days, which can kill tuberculosis, typhoid, diphtheria, dysentery and so on germ.

All data above, is just part of impacts caused by forest cutting.

Therefore at this point we should think deeper, what is the reason that let us to cut down trees constantly?

There is analysis shows that about 58 percent of wood material has been used in architecture fields around the world. When most outdoor places service lifetime is designed to use mature wood material with nearly 30 years of growth cycle, these wood materials can only offer short service lifetime within 4 years in practical use.

This is a clear but sharp contrast, and the growth of wood can never satisfy the huge practical wood needs, so it’s a negative growth somehow.

However, human’s intelligence always beyond we thought, especially when facing the potential challenge.

And human has developed a material called wood plastic, a kind of brand new and meaningful material in forest protection field.


This is an alternative material of wood, using recycled HDPE plastic and wood flour (platycodon/ rice and other plant fiber can also be), mixed with polymer fusion through the coupling agents, thus become WPC (wood plastic composite) material.

And since the two raw materials was mixed together via coupling agents and go through a modification process, so the carbon dioxide emissions and formaldehyde emissions of the material is negligible.

The appearance of this material can replace most current wood materials used in architecture field, especially in outdoor architecture field.


Based on a rough estimate, each production of 1 ton of wood plastic composite materials, equivalent to less cutting 1.5 trees with 30-year-old growth, reducing 60,000 waste plastic bags of pollution, reducing 1.14 hectares of farmland film residue. By now the existing solid wood on the market, almost all of them can not be recycled, and can only be abandoned when some damages happen in daily use. Unlike real wood, if the damages happened on WPC material, it can be recycled and re-produced easily.

It’s a kind of wood-based material that will lead fashion trend in near future, a brand new alternative material,  an environmental material that will change the human world absolutely! 

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