Pastor Larry E. Ford Gives a Fresh Dose of Straight and Plain Talk on Biblical Issues

A pastors guidebook for unraveling a significant biblical paradox

When tragedy strikes … when disaster happens … when one’s “rope” starts to break, even those who profess to have the strongest of faith start to wonder: “Where is God amidst all these things?”

In his book, God: Accused or Defended?: Solving the Unsolvable Paradox, author and Pastor Larry E. Ford unravels the most tangled and perplexing issues involving true faith, relative to God’s revealed thoughts and ways, in times of troubles and disasters. Written for Christians who are either rethinking or revisiting the foundations of their faith, this book outlines an enlightening revelation of God’s character and purposes throughout history.

Using his many years of biblical studies, Larry E. Ford solves the “paradox” by directly presenting the true biblical picture that explains it and guides the reader beyond the ordinary, narrow human thinking and enables him/her to thoroughly digest the concept of what it means for God to be God.  Ford explains that: “Despite the negative appearance of the consequences that mankind and creation suffer, the book points out the most amazing plan that God has in place for the ultimate salvation of mankind and all of creation.”

Ford also authors Understanding the “Beasts” of Revelation 13. This book provides the reader a better understanding of the scriptural revelation and illuminates the history that leads to the rise of these enigmatic characters. He sheds light on one of scripture’s biggest enigmas: the meaning of the “Beasts” and negates false interpretations using scriptural and historical references.

In Seven Biblical Mysteries Unveiled!, Larry E. Ford’s objective is to direct the reader’s attention toward the great difference between what appears to be “settled theology” and what God’s word in the Bible actually teaches. It is a great answer to Paul’s description of a real church … one that embodies “the unity of faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God.” It clearly demonstrates Ford’s ability to present God’s word to all believers in a very potent and compelling manner – that is: simply through a “fresh breath of straight talk and plain truth.” Ford says: “This book opens up biblical understanding that is not generally available elsewhere.”

Pastor Larry E. Ford

God: Accused or Defended?: Solving the Unsolvable Paradox

Understanding the ‘Beasts’ of Revelation 13

Seven Biblical Mysteries Unveiled

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About the Author

Larry E. Ford delivers a potent, spiritually challenging message, a fresh breath of “straight talk and plain truth.” His educational background is proof enough of his wide interests in life. He has undergraduate degrees in German and Theology from Valdosta State College and Ambassador College, respectively. He also earned his graduate degrees in Educational Administration/Supervision and Theology. His twenty-two years in Education and eighteen years of experience in the building trades have afforded him enough qualification to write and deliver inspiring messages.

Having gained important perspective about people, their opinions, beliefs, and religious concepts, he moves easily between the academia and the ‘real world’ thus combining both theories and practice. He also authored several self-published books for Church’s Christian Outreach Education Program.

Now, he moves into the book publishing arena.

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