“Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming!” – The Modern Blueprint on Holistic Self-Formation and Self-Development

You cannot become what you need to be by remaining where you are. So, the first step to be a better person is to learn to do better. The work in holistic self-formation in all five main dimensions of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal is the highlight of the first book of the trilogy,” Personality Development Geology” “- Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming!” by Dr. Rimaletta Ray and her daughter,r the designer of the   book, Yolanta Lenski.

In this electronically-advanced era, Dr. Rimaletta Ray believes that consciously governed holistic self-development must be everyone’s priority and that revolutionizing one’s knowledge is the first step in the process of bettering one’s self.’ “Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming!” pinpoints the basic strategies of personal evolution by raising one’s knowledge and consciousness in ten basic intelligences, featured by the author in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal dimensions accordingly. It also serves as a blueprint and a map to readers who want to continuously move forward in the right direction in terms of intelligence and ambition.

In Living Intelligence or the Art of Becoming, readers can find ten stages of ‘living intelligence: General (physical,cognitive, digital), Language, Emotional, Psychological, Professional (creative), Cultural, Social, Spiritual, and Universal’), where each one is outlined with the strategic plan of action for self-installation in life  and which are to be followed as intellectual quests. The book uses new strategies and much more reasoned-out self-awareness guides, but is incredibly simple to digest whether you are a teenager, an adult, or someone seeking the path of self-formation.

It’s the first book on the market of this overwhelmingly holistic value, and it has undoubtedly a great potential to be read and studied by   high-schoolers, college students, and anyone who feels a void inside for full self-realization to finally accomplish the “excessive happiness” that everyone is striving for.

The second book of the trilogy, “Soul Refining” by Dr. Rimaletta Ray focuses on the essentials of feeding the body and nourishing the soul, putting the heart and mind in synch and developing   the basic features of a human character that are soaring at present. A person’s mind, body, and soul are interconnected. One cannot definitely function well without the other. Thus, if you feed your body and mind, then it is also fitting to nourish your soul.

Dr. Ray also posits the importance of the inspirational auto-suggestive psychology in accomplishing soul’s ecology – the vital task of soul refining. According to her, the development of one’s intelligence, which involves ten levels, presented in the first book, precedes soul refining. For the soul to be nourished, it is therefore important to instill inspirational life skills in the mind through rhyming inspirational boosters and mind sets that illustrate the main concepts of all the three books and are very uplifting for the readers. These inspirational boosters and mind sets serve as a self-monitor that helps individuals adjust to the fast pacing, digitally-charged world around us.

“Soul Refining!” will encourage readers to maximize their brain power through inspirational skills and mind boosters that also feed and nourish the soul. Coupled with her life experiences and the experiences she gathered from her students, Dr. Ray outlines the book in a very informative manner that would be useful to anybody interested in the subject of brain power and refining the soul.

The third, upcoming book of the trilogy, “I am Free to be the Best of Me!” is the concluding accord to the trilogy of a personality development geology.

Dr. Ray hopes that with these three books, readers will embrace the importance of an insatiable desire for knowledge, self-education, and full self-realization in achieving a holistic balance of the mind, body, and soul.

“Don’t Be Life-Negligent; Be Universally-Intelligent!”

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