Local Branding Company, Fetching Finn, is Quickly Expanding

Calgary, Alberta – Fetching Finn started in 2009, by a single entrepreneur, and has been growing larger ever since.

The company’s owner has a well-versed background, working for Totem Building Supplies as head of Digital Media in their marketing department. Fetching Finn produces a series of services required for a brand’s true potential to shine, such as graphic design, branding, web design and they also offer support solutions.

Fetching Finn company is ready to serve Calgary entrepreneurs and businesses. This quirky digital media and branding company is addicted to creating never seen before moments for their clients. They focus on the uniqueness of each client to make sure they are offering the freshest and most inspired content possible. Here, they like to push the boundaries with their creative work to help infuse an amplified energy into their projects.

At Fetching Finn, they set high expectations and standards through their values. They strive to be an observant and curious company that respects their clients’ time. This company is working to change the visual branding game by offering new perspectives and allowing their clients to express their weird side to push noticeability.

Fetching Finn Inc. is here to guide their customers through services like graphic design, web design and video. This company will create a specific visual brand for their clients. When it is ready to launch they will continue to work with the clients to make sure that the branding and services are rolled out correctly.

In 2017, Fetching Finn grew their team to better support their client base. They added new social media specialists, marketers, content writers and photographers to their trusted referral network. They also added a new graphic designer and a new web designer to the team. In the late summer, Fetching Finn plans to create a personal branding podcast called Fetching Freaks.

Although Fetching Finn is growing, they do not forget about their clients. They make sure that everyone is listened to as their creative vision is brought to life.

If there is a company in need of a visual branding because their business is suffering due to their own print, video or online mishaps, then hiring Fetching Finn Inc. will be a perfect fit. This company will work hard to make sure that their clients are getting the best visual branding from them.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fetching Finn Inc.
Contact Person: Nikki Takahashi
Email: creative@fetchingfinn.com
City: Calgary
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Website: www.fetchingfinn.com/