VIP Restroom Rental Is Now Open and Servicing Central Texas

Austin – Nothing quite ruins a beautiful, outdoor reception like a row of unsightly porta potties. But with the option of discrete luxury bathroom rentals from VIP Restroom Rental, taking care of business has never looked so clean and stylish.

From weddings and summer parties, to concerts and festivals, outdoor affairs allow the beauty of the natural world to be a part of the grand event. But there are some natural urges that are best not to discuss in polite companies. To provide facilities for those times when nature’s calling, many event organizers rent the dreaded porta potties. Anyone would be hard put to say they enjoy having to use these unsanitary boxes. The stench and the overall appearance of porta potties is enough to create unpleasant experiences no matter how beautiful the rest of the event may be.

With the restroom trailer rentals from VIP Restroom Rentals, no outdoor event needs to risk being ruined by sordid facilities. Guests can enjoy the outdoor event without having their view blighted by porta potties, and when the time comes for them to use the facilities, they will not only be pleasantly surprised—they can use the facilities with ease and comfort.

VIP Restroom Rentals provides trailer rentals for any type of event. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, fair, concert, charity event, or even a long-term situation, their luxury facilities are appropriate for any occasion. The trailers are truly built for luxury, with marble countertops, polished fittings, and vanities constructed out of real wood. Their porcelain toilets are truly thrones fit for royalty. Hands-free flushing and water taps make for improved sanitary conditions. VIP solo trailers elevate the aesthetic presentation with plush leather furnishings.

In addition to these high-end design features, these luxury restroom trailers are also environmentally friendly with solar panel powering and waterless urinals, which save water and extend operational hours. Trailer sizes range in stall size, with 2, 3, 7, or 10-station, so they can accommodate any sized crowd.

When hosting an event, the last thing that should concern the guests is an unpleasant porta potty. For any outdoor affair that will be remembered for a lifetime, guests deserve the luxury of high-end portable restrooms. With portable restroom trailer rentals from VIP Restroom Rentals, every guest can feel like a guest of honor.

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