Chispa Magazine Committed To Campaign Against Lipedema

Atlanta, GA – 11 July, 2017 – Chispa Magazine, a definitive voice, and advocate of beautiful living for women announced its commitment to spreading words about awful fat disorder “Lipedema”. The main goal of the award winning magazine is to encourage women of all shape and sizes, by renewing their mind and not to conform to the pattern of this world.

Lipedema, a disorder of the adipose tissue occurring almost exclusively in women, causes asymmetrical accumulation of fat that disproportionately affects the lower limbs. It remains one of the poorly misunderstood diseases in the world as it is generally misdiagnosed as simple obesity.  Lipedema, if untreated can cause multiple health problems leading to mobility issues. It has remained under-diagnosed and only a few of those that suffer from lipedema are ever diagnosed, as few specialists are available even in the United States. Generally, the society concludes that lippy women are lazy. However, it is sad that an average lipedema sufferer performs workout as a beast but instead of reaping the benefits of heavy exercise routines, our culture shower praises on the thin and those with most social acceptance.

It is frustratingly unfortunate that thin is considered the standard of beauty and fat people are seen as lazy people. Chispa Magazine was bold enough and very unique in its style of publication by not adapting to the conventional definition of a cover girl as it featured a heavy girl with lippy legs on its front and center page. This is with the intention of showcasing heroes in people of bigger sizes as against the stigmatization that is often associated with fat women all over the world. The magazine conveyed the pains and sorrows of lippy women in its publication hoping to garner mass attention, toward finding help for so many women everywhere.

“Lipedemic Fat cannot be exercised or even starved away,” said Dr. Maulik Shah who is a specialist doctor. The importance of awareness and campaign against lipedema cannot be over emphasized. The magazine talked more on the effects and possible ways out of the menace in its recently released published magazine.

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