Shattered Sindh Scattered Sindhis, Second Edition by Raj Daswani released

SHATTERED SINDH SCATTERED SINDHIS reflects on the History – Culture – Heritage – Faiths -Invaders – Partition – Displacement – Struggle – Revival – Identity – Failures – Demands – Solutions!

One of its kind book on Sindhis community by a well-known Sindhi writer, Raj Daswani – Shattered Sindh Scattered Sindhis is published by White Falcon Publishing. Each Sindhi should read this book. Raj has done his bit, now it is up to the Sindhi Community to do something to remain alive. Foreword by Sh. Ram Jethmalani.

Shattered Sindh Scattered Sindhis is his personal experiences after Partition of India in 1947 and suffering and survival of Sindhi Community. The book is a detailed account of the history of Sindh, Sindhi culture, heritage.

The available history Sindh goes back to 2 million years ago when Sindh was inhabited by the Riwat people and the regions fertility was in abundance due to Indus River. This Book is an excellent reminder of the glorious past of the Sindhis but not the ancient history. Raj has mentioned about various Sindhi Sammelans held in India and around the world, the main message was to save the Sindhi’s script and get Sindhi language recognized by the Indian constitution and included it in eighth schedule. Raj believes if the Sindhi language was included in the eighth schedule in the initial days of framing the Indian constitution, our Sindhi leaders would have demanded better or more political rights. 

Thus, in the long journey to save Sindh and its language, progressive writers and thinkers would have been able to save our language along with our rich heritage and culture. In this respect, Raj has given some suggestions in the form of one memorandum of demands to be given to the Government which is worth considering.

Sindhis were also known to be close to nature, eat pure organic food, live a simple life, free from false ego, Sindhis travelled to far-east and the west with their merchandise of fabrics, jewellery and different kind of grains.

It is recommended my Sindhi brothers and sisters to read this book, understand and ponder over it, pass it on to your children and make them feel proud of their rich heritage and get to know their roots. Every Sindhi household should have this valuable book and read it, for themselves for our younger generation now and future generations to come.

Make them aware of the geographical, historical, social, religious, cultural and many other aspects of Sindh and the Sindhi way of life. 

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