Savanna School is Seeking Community Support on Indiegogo!

The First XXI Century School in Nicaragua is Now Seeking Support for its Technology Needs & Everyone is Welcome to Donate for this Inspiring Project!

Savanna International School is a leader in alternative education in Managua, Nicaragua and it is now focusing on the Alternative Teaching Methods. With the world getting more and more focused towards e-Learning and Advanced Teaching Methods, the school also needs to get significant upgrades. Therefore, the management of the school is now taking it to the community for support and is offering a great opportunity to everyone for investing in the Future Generations.

“We have just opened our doors in January of this year, and currently need more funding to support some of our student projects and provide resources for our children.” Said the Principal of the Savanna International School while talking about the school. Created by a community of parents and teachers, the school is now focusing on upgrading and improving the technological resources and equipment.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and everyone is welcome to donate as little as $10 to as much as $100 for this great school. The funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will play a major role in the purchase of equipment and technological tools for the students.

About Savanna International School

Savanna International School is an inspiring project created by the parents and teachers in Managua, Nicaragua. The school is now seeking donations and support to meet its goal of raising $3000 for the students by upgrading the equipment of the school to the modern academic standards. The students of this school along with the management are therefore making an appeal to the worldwide community for generous support in this inspiring cause.

Media Contact
Company Name: Savanna International School
Contact Person: Claudia Arguello
Phone: (505) 8886-0300
City: Managua
Country: Nicaragua