Patty McLain – Summit Mortgage Broker Provides Assistance Throughout the Mortgage Process

Eden Prairie, MN – The American dream has always been to own a house and a car. However, both of these require payments that may or may not be available on hand. Therefore, most people would have to resort to loans or mortgage plans to pay for them. But mortgages are more than just paying a monthly fee. One would have to go through a process that can be confusing and stressful at times. Fortunately, Patty McLain is the best summit mortgage broker that provides assistance throughout this process.

“I have been a mortgage loan officer for over twenty-five years through summer mortgage that sells loans to banks. The difference between us and a regular broker is that we conduct procedures through a loan organization to find the best rate for clients,” according to Patty McLain. “We choose the lender that has the product to fit the needs of the client and we shop for the bank that is giving us the best rate so in turn, we can give the client the best rate available. Our family-owned business has an experienced team that handles all transactions throughout the mortgage process.”

Patty McLain – Summit Mortgage Broker and their trained and skilled team provide guidance to their clients in the process. As the leading mortgage company in the area, they assist their clients by informing them of the possible loan options that they can acquire. Some mortgage loan officers only give the surface details to the clients. However, this loan officer makes their clients fully aware of the option that they will be choosing and the circumstances that come with it.

The consultation provided by this mortgage loan office also includes information about the entire mortgage process and what requirements are needed to apply for the mortgage. Useful strategies will also be included for the benefit of the client. By improving a client’s credit score, the better the rate that they will get from the loaner will be. The criteria for the mortgage will also be included as well. They also have contact with the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for clients who need down payment assistance.

Patty McLain – Summit Mortgage Broker provides guidance to find the best possible loan option a client needs. For more information, visit their office at 9531 W 78th St., Suite 310, Eden Prairie, MN. For any questions, contact them at (952) 955-9718 or email them at They are more than willing to address any concerns about their services.

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