Digital Distribution and Media Marketing REDigital offers Next Generation of Music Distribution

Allowing music artists to capitalize on the opportunities Internet is offering and helping them put their best foot forward to their target audience, REDigital Agency is a digital distribution and media marketing agency recently launched their mix and master services, copyright and publishing services for artists that want to exhibit their artistic capabilities in their homeland and also present their work to foreign country’s markets, where people appreciate the work and support artists.

With an established local and international network, the agency can help artists reach a much wider audience to regions including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and many European markets and more. This is the best way to target the most receptive for new artists and their work. Leveraging the power of the internet to provide artists and audiences the opportunity to bridge gaps and come together for the love of great music and art, is the vision of REDigital. REDigital Agency is an emerging label has recently announced that to bring new and exciting indie music to the world’s audience and an opportunity for artists to conquer worldwide markets.

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“Here at REDigital music and arts has always been our passion and the latest advancements allow us to now do worldwide distribution, which we believe is the next generation of music distribution. Today we are empowered to team up to accomplish distribution options that at one time were only available to major record labels,” said REDigital Agency media relations spokesperson. He added: “We are thrilled by the opportunities we will create for artists out there, from our mixing and mastering services to copyrighting your original piece of art and distributing and marketing it, REDigital Agency is establishing strategic partnerships with music technicians, as well as retailers for global distribution, which will allow us to help you get your work out there, get noticed and put your best foot forward. Our vision is to go worldwide, in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and more.”

As a part of their digital media marketing, the agency also offers vlog shooting and publishing services for the artists who wish to stay connected to their audience through the power of video

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REDigital Agency is a publishing company based in the US. The record is currently representing various emerging artists.

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